The case of Mapp v. Ohio

Mapp vs Ohio

Article by Isidora Puhalo
In this outstanding case, the parties were the following: first as plaintiff, then as respondent was Ohio State, and on the other side first as defendant then as appellant was Dolree "Dolly" Mapp.

Dolly Mapp was convicted in a low state court of possession of obscene material. She complained to the appeals court, which upheld the complaint. She appealed to the Supreme Court, which was also accepted and ruled in her favor, on the 4th amendment, by which all evidence acquired through illegal channels cannot be taken into consideration the in court.

The Case
In May, the 1557th Police received a tip that in the house of Miss Mapp was a bomber. They forcibly entered the house while Mapp demanded a search warrant. While Miss Mapp was arguing with the officers, snatching an allegedly search warrant, they handcuffed her and searched the house. Pornographic materials were found, for which she was convicted.

After that, she brought an appeal on account of violation of her Fourth Amendment rights. By her right on Fourth amendment she was protected from unlawful police research as well as from validity of the evidence found in illegal way. Her rights are violated with intrude of the police and she had a right to complain. The Right to Privacy was upheld. According to this case individuals do not have to allow search by officers who do not have a warrant, and materials illegally obtained cannot be used in a prosecution.

When the United States Supreme Court got the appeal, respecting federal laws, Mapp was released.

Despite the decision of the state court that the evidence that was brought is effective regardless of the method of its finding, by the Federal laws no evidence acquired through the violation of the Bill of Rights can be used in court. Thus federal court clashed with the state Court of Ohio. As stronger and higher court, its decision must be respected.

Before this case, the States was not forced to comply with rules on obtaining evidence legally. After this, the Supreme Court forced the state courts to keep the law, and thus ensure compliance with U.S. Constitutional protections.

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