Las Vegas Science and Technology Festival

Science & Technology

From the 24th of April to the 2nd of May, you can experience 9 days where science and technology will come to life in Las Vegas. You can join this fantastic show, which offers something for everyone and itís a free event. In the kick-off event happening on the 24th of April, you can explore science and technology with a planetarium show, while learning about web design and spending time with creepy and crawly critters. Other activities that you can catch on this Science and Technology Expo happening at CSN Cheyenne Campus are the Digital Photoshop Demo, Chemistry Magic Show, Gross and Cool Dead Stuff, and Apprenticeship Exhibits.

You will be able to journey into space and meet the astronauts aboard the international Space Station during the science film event on the 25th of April with shorts films and presentations. You will be able to enter the cosmos on that day with video screenings from the Humans in Space Art Programís Youth Art Competition and Video Challenge, while at the same time catching up with an exhibition of artwork with the stars.

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So, shall we go back to the show? If you wish to discover the Ďbehind the scene toursí to Local Places in Las Vegas where science and technology happens every day, then you can join the Science Day program on Sunday the 26 of April where you will find science everywhere in South Nevada, Boulder City, Las Vegas, The Strip, South Valley and Henderson. These programs require pre-registration and are on a first come, first serve basis. On the other days that follow, you will be able to catch some science action with exciting programs such as robotic revolution with drone technology, the science of horses, and you will also be able to meet mascots like Mojave Max and Smokey Bear.

You can make your week more awesome from the 27th to the 1st of May with exciting science in the community events where you will be able to participate in programs where you will be exploring hot science and technology topics. From the exploration of the sky to the science of magic, every budding scientist will get to have fun. The Festival ends in a free all day expo at Cashman Center where you will find where you will participate in a learning day which has been disguised with fun activities. Exhibitors will be offered many activities along with entertainment and education.

Brace yourself to be swept off your feet with the extraordinary outcomes of science and technology fusion!

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