Turkey: The Mecca of Hair Transplants in Europe

Turkey: The Mecca of Hair Transplants in Europe

Technology has now advanced to such a point that it is now entirely possible for people to change their appearance in ways never before considered, even winding back the clock to look years younger.

As a result, more and more people are now deciding to seek out these new techniques in order to change parts of their appearance that they do not like, to give themselves new level of confidence in their looks. More and more hair transplants are becoming one of the most sought after procedures in this regard.

What exactly is a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is a surgical process in which the hair follicles of the head that no longer produce hair growth, for example due to alopecia or genetic baldness, are replaced with follicles that are still functional from other areas of the head. For this, the hair transplant consists of two main phases.

Extraction phase

In the first phase the professional, through the use of specialized machinery, performs the extraction of the follicles in areas of the patient's head in which there are follicles that have not been affected by baldness or hair loss. Generally the areas of the head that are used for the extraction of the follicles are immune to hair loss, for example the lateral and dorsal areas around the sides and back.

Insertion phase

After approximately 3 hours of the extraction phase, the patient remains at rest for a little over 20 minutes. In the insertion phase, the specialist introduces the previously extracted follicles to the area that requires new hair growth. To do this, he uses a surgical punch that, as in the extraction phase, will use at this stage of the process to prepare holes in the surface of the scalp.

Hair Transplant in Turkey: A specialist service

Thanks to companies such as Capilclinic, Turkey has become one of the most prominent countries to practice this procedure and as such have further developed the technique so it is even more advanced. This is seen especially in the development of the well-known FUE SAPPHIRE method for the extraction of follicles from the scalp.


What is special about this method is that is uses sapphire crystals as material for the surgical punch that is used for the extraction and insertion of the follicles of the scalp. Thanks to the properties of this mineral, the results of the procedure are much better with healing taking place much more quickly and the new hair growth during recovery advances better than with other methods.

Considering Turkey for your hair transplantation

Although hair transplantation is a surgical process well known across Europe, Turkey is really leading the way in this field and becoming the location of choice for the procedure. This is due to:

1. Access to specialized staff: The team of Turkish specialists have all the tools to perform hair transplants, carried out in modern well managed clinics with the highest standards. The patients health comes first.

2. An advanced method for hair transplantation: The FUE SAPPHIRE method has become the sensation of hair transplantation thanks to its results, making it one of the best options that Turkish patients can consider for their transplant.

3. Follow-up and recovery: The treatment and follow-up with the patient after the surgical procedure is necessary for the best aftercare and final results, this is well managed by Turkish clinics.

Cases where a hair transplant is suitable

Although technically a cosmetic procedure, it is worth remembering that it is only appropriate for certain scenarios of hair loss. The best results are seen in those suffering from:
- Scarring on the scalp: Which is a determining factor for hair growth in the affected areas. Through the hair transplant the patient can reconstruct the amount of follicles present in a certain area of his scalp and thus recover hair growth.
- Androgenic alopecia: Better known as baldness, it is characterized by temporary or permanent hair loss in people and is often hereditary. This is the most common case for those seeking hair transplant treatment.
- Poor hair growth: Where certain parts of the scalp, for varying reasons, do not provide enough hair growth leaving the area looking thin. Introducing new follicles to the area will create a thickness not possible with the existing follicles.

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