RIOT in Turkey


Article by Laura Conron
Angry is about the only way I can describe how I felt after I heard this on the news; "What did the protesters expect? That we would kneel down before them?" a quote from Reccep Tayyip Ergodan, the current Prime Minister of Turkey.

What had started as a peaceful anti-government protest broke into violence as a result of police forces firing rubber bullets and tear gas at the protesters. It's quite obvious that the people of Turkey want change. Frankly, it should be up to them whether or not the country changes. That's how democracy works.

Unfortunately Mr. EGOdan is too busy sniveling about how he thinks that these protesters are "terrorists" and this is all part of the planned "coup" that he is facing. It would be hilarious, if it wasn't terrifying. He has knowingly gained the help from the Turkish military, who were the ones using the water cannons and tear gas on the protesters.

It seems like he doesn't understand that the citizens run the country. Even worse, it seems like he understands that fully, and realizes that he needs the military to protect whatever hidden agenda he is plotting. Allegedly he has been moving in an Islamist agenda in a country with a secularist constitution, and the people just don't like that.

It's the citizens right to protest something they disagree that strongly with, I'm happy to see a countries people take some initiative and actually do something for themselves. However, it shouldn't have to come at the cost of lives. People can only be fear mongered so long before they realize they are backed into a corner. And thankfully, the people of Turkey are smart and strong enough to keep at it; they are refusing to fold to Ergodan and his army.

"The more they spray, the bigger we get" reads a caption on the posters regarding the military violence all over the country. Not to mention, many more groups are starting to join the protest, like the Public Workers Union Confederation. Keep at it Turkey, you can crack down on this military violence. You show them who really runs the place. No country should EVER fear their government. Whatever country you live in, realize now, IT IS YOURS TO CHANGE.

And to Mr. Ergodan; Yes, YOU WILL KNEEL.

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