Fearing the Change Upon Us

Fear mongering

For the last few years I have watched as this country has swung from a land of milk and honey that promised salvation to all the downtrodden of the world to a country run by fear. It has become a place where anyone who isn't part of the small minority of white balding old men is considered the enemy and money has become the only answer. When did this great country become this land of snivelling fear-mongers and idiots in bad hair pieces?

A Change of Legal Climate

I think it all began when the legal climate began to change around the country. While progressive states such as California and Colorado were enacting laws that spoke loudly of freedom and the rights of all, other states were creating terrifying legal precedents that would make women chattels to men's whims and anyone of color in danger of losing their right to an education. But even in the state of Texas, a center for much of these reactionary legal shenanigans, there has been beacons of light such as Texas probate attorney Chris Parvin and his Law Office of Christopher Parvin. If Texas can produce such men, so can other states.

Finding Our Balance Again

As we move forward into a crazy year of political posturing by presidential wanna-be idiots we need to keep in mind that the key to all of this is balance. Yes, many of us are terrified that what we see happening in Europe with terrorists in every city could be our country quite easily. In fact, I have begun to hear murmurings of returning to the closed border mentality we had before the First World War, when the basic stance was that we didn't need to be involved with what happens "out there". But this kind of country would be wrong. We cannot turn back the hands of time nor should we want to do so. What we need to find in today's modern world is our inner truth as a country. That does not reside in the idea of every home having a gun but rather in no home needing one.

Standing Tall as a Country Once More

There was a time when I could travel the world and proudly state I was an American. I would wear my flag pin with pride, and feel that I came from the best possible country, the only one I would ever want to live in or be a part of for the rest of my life. But that is changing rapidly and we need to be the ones to do something about it. It is up to us to restore this country, and we can do it. All it takes is the will.

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