Businessman Trump and President Trump

Businessman Trump and President Trump

Running a business and running a country can very similar. One person will be in charge and answer to a larger group, they have to think what best helps the entire company/country, they have to make hard choices, balance budgets, try new initiatives and more. This could suggest ideally that someone of a business background could easily transition into political office but here are many downsides. A business can be closed down if there are problems and you can simply start again. You can shut down programmes and fire employees if necessary, but for a country, you can't get rid of of the vital services and the citizens who use them. For a business, you are focusing on what helps you and your firm, but for politicians they have to worry about everyone.

Donald Trump winning the 2016 US Presidential Election was a shock to many people but his business like savvy was one of his greatest weapons and it will be, going into the next four years. He used it as platform, saying how he knows how to manage money, resources, debts, create jobs, working with important individuals from various and more. It's an easy sell to people and the experiences and skills brought with running a business can be suitable for the job of President of the US.

While Trump's business history has been mostly real estate, he has looked into other areas, whether it's education, television and food products. Trump Entertainment Resorts have been one of his more successful ventures. Established in 1995, these casinos and hotel combos have had multiple venues across the US. Casinos have always been a sure way to success in the US. Betway have become betting giants in the online field and countless other real life venues exist in the US. For Trump though, he encountered many problems with his casino venues, as they often faced bankruptcy and today, only one of these establishment exists, the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, and that is set to close in the near future.

Trump's business acumen has helped him become a billionaire and then Presidents of the USA. His experiences and skills in the former fields should help him in his new role, especially if he learns lessons from his mistakes. His main obstacle will be his loss of power, as he will find himself answering to many more people as President than as a CEO, as he will have to rely on congress for money and to pass legislation, as well as again support of all political sides to enact policies. How Trump's business past will affect America can make or break his Presidency and it all begins January 20th.

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