Sharing fake information does not promote your cause

Sharing fake information does not promote your cause

I remember a while back, one of my acquaintances shared a photo in Facebook, with a caption something like "That's what happens to Muslims in X country run by Christians". My friend is a Muslim, and while he is a really great guy, sometimes he gets some things very wrong.

I looked at the photo, something was off, looked at it again, and realized the photo was definitely put together with a help of Photoshop, and while what my friend said can be true, the photo definitely wasn't. I made a comment that "dude, the photo is fake, someone has just used Photoshop." And he answered asking me if I was this is was happening? I answered that no, I'm not saying it might not be happening, but what I am saying is that this photo is definitely fake. He was pretty angry at that point and still didn't really get me. But let's leave it at that.

The problem is that if you share fake information, knowingly or unknowingly, about the problem that might actually exist, it doesn't promote your cause but actually hurts it. Fake stuff is what the other side can always attack you back with.

I have also seen lots of fake information, videos, tweets, quotes that allegedly came out of the mouth of 45, Donald Trump. My question is, if the problem is legitimate, why would you share fake things. Why would you produce fake information? Why would you hurt your own cause. Especially when we talk about Trump the reality is far worse than anyone could make up, so why not use the factual, real information to show who the person actually is. Sharing fake stuff is bad for that. It can only hurt your cause. I'd also recommend the same the temporary POTUS himself, some of the stuff he's saying is actually true, but by lying 90% of the time, even the true and important stuff gets lost in translation.

So the next time you're writing an article, tweeting, getting a video production company to promote your business or for achieving any of your other goals, make it truthful. And not 'alternative truth', make it legit. There's enough made up stuff available in the world, and that does no one anything good.

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