How Romney Could Screw America

Reasons not to vote for romney

I’m no political genius, but I pay attention to what is going on in politics and I’ve been following the campaigns. I think it’s important to vote and I want to know who I am voting for so I am fully aware of the statements made by both the President and Mitt Romney. Using my experience as a single woman, my view is that Mitt Romney has shown me that he is the guy that will say anything to get into America’s pants.

Here’s why:

  1. He’s Mysterious
    Mitt Romney won’t fully explain any of his plans. He tells you he has a plan. He says you’re going to like it, but he won’t tell you the details. If you challenge him on it, he says he never said that, which is true because he has never told you what he’s going to do.
  2. He Pretends to Like Whatever You Like
    He’s all about the poor people. He wants to help the middle class. He wants to take care of the elderly. He’ll keep the good parts of Obamacare, but throw out the stuff that doesn’t matter (like pre-existing conditions). Mitt Romney has flipped, not only, his earlier stances, but he’s even going against his principles as a governor. He is constantly trying to erase who he was in the past, even five minutes ago.
  3. He’s Aggressive
    He talks over you to prevent you from having time to think about what he’s said and compare it to something he said in the past. He’s trying to present himself as the guy that you want to think he is. He’ll put down the next guy to make himself look better.
  4. He Doesn’t Respect Women
    Mitt Romney is trying to pretend that he’s not completely against abortions. He’s playing coy on his strong feelings against it and trying to pretend that he’s not going to restrict funding. But, once he bags America, he’ll be right back on his Republican agenda of banning abortion.
  5. He’s Someone Else Behind Your Back
    It’s impossible to forget the hidden video of Mitt sharing his thoughts about the 47% of Americans that were “guaranteed” to vote for Obama. It was similar to a guy talking about what an ugly loser someone is only to find out that the person is related to you.
  6. He’ll Only Admit a Mistake When it Benefits Him
    Mitt Romney is just now saying that his comments about the 47% were wrong. He’s still not admitting how it is wrong, but is only saying that it wasn’t what he meant. The timing is interesting since his admission comes following a bump in his polls.
  7. He’s Not into Family
    Romney made it clear that he wants to cut funding to PBS. PBS provides a great deal of programming that families have grown up watching. Children enjoy Sesame Street and other programming designed to teach children. Most, recently, Romney has also snubbed Nickelodeon’s request to be on their show, “Kids Pick the President.” Nothing says family values like getting rid of Big Bird and avoiding children.

In a nightclub, Mitt Romney would be the guy plying you with drinks and offering to take you home as if he’s a sincere gentleman. He’s proven that he will say whatever is necessary. As many single women know, the result of that type of union is that once he gets what he wants, he will leave you lonely and feeling screwed. Instead of being committed, America will be in a “friends with benefits” situation. In the case of the Romney, all his friends will benefit. We should be looking for the one that shows commitment to our issues, interests and our future. If I have a choice, I choose the guy who tells you what he’s going to do, cares about your feelings and has a vision for your future. But, it looks like the guy that talks the loudest and tells the most lies is the one that gets America’s attention once again.

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