Elon Musk off the rails, just temporary?

elon musk fight with media

Elon Musk has been in the news a lot during the past years and mostly, independent of what's been talked about, in a positive light. Most people don't know who the man is or more specifically, what he is like, but based on the media coverage, he's a great guy who thinks big, innovates, and doesn't really care what others think of him or his enterprises, simply because he knows what he wants to do and does it. And that's what we love about him the most.

However, last week, after there were some articles published about him saying that his head was in the clouds and he's not in touch of reality, started accusing journalists in Twitter, tweeting that journalists are motivated by advertising dollars and saying he wanted to launch a site called Pravda (Russian for "Truth") to rate the credibility of the media.

We'd like to tell Musk just one thing - please, don't turn into Orange - be the man we've all come to follow and admire.

Musk tweeted on May 27 that "Who do you think *owns* the press? Hello."

He's also said that "[P]lease stop assuming I'm against all journalists. This is not true. Something needs to be done to improve public trust in media."

But if that's the case, why don't you just publish a piece saying point by point what's was wrong in one coverage. Unemotionally. We know you like facts, that's probably also why you made a donation to Politifact. So no need to talk about who owns the press. People like you do. Some media publications have the face of their owners, think of Fox News. Others, while their owner might be towards something or against something, very often the journalists still have enough freedom to make up their own minds. To report objectively, well, in a perfect world, or at least according to their personal conscience.

And of course, some media organizations are full of crap for one reason or another, why bother with them? Just blow the dust off and keep moving. And again, please, don't be like Orange, who follows every news piece about him and tweets accordingly.

Two days ago you got into Twitter fight with an NBC reporter Ben Collins saying that "You're missing the point & living in a bubble of self-righteous sanctimony. The public doesn't trust you. This was true *before* the last election & only got worse. Don't believe me? Run your own poll ..."

Just one thing - forget Twitter when wanting to say something like that - remember the off-the-record term when you want to tell someone something personally. And not in twitter.

Elon Musk, please don't become Orange. Keep doing what you've been doing, and how you've been doing it.

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