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A.F. Lamb

A.F. Lamb has been considered by many to be a recluse. He spends the vast majority of his time alone reading books and studying the ideas of men greater than himself. But if one looks closely, they can find this very private individual stalking around the edges of society staring inward and carefully noting what he sees. And what he sees, he doesn’t like. He finds himself appalled by the behavior of society in general and the selfish individualism that he sees as an slowly turning men into mindless, walking zombies with strange electronic devices glued to their hands and ears. In his books, he has found many great theories and ideas, but no vaccines, and so he combines his own observations with these theories and ideas to create a vaccine that he hopes will kill this dangerous plague of apathy and capitalism. His only two worries are that 1) society will not take this vaccine and 2) that any dollar bill he touches is likely to be infected with the germs from a stripper’s ass crack or traces of cocaine. And for this second reason, he writes here unpaid.


Boy Scouts Are Gay
In an article published by christianpost.com, I learned that the Boy Scouts of America visited the leaders of the Latter-day Saints, Southern Baptists...

Public Opinion
"Public calls! We've got the public on our side! Out of my way, guy with public opinion coming through!"

A fairly (un)educated look into PROs and CONs of GMOs
Are GMOs really bad? Or are the genetically modified organisms actually a necessity? Is your friend right when he said that GMOs are unhealthy or was ...

So...Now What?
Election has been brutal. Feet are tired, knuckles hurt, throats are dry, fingers throb and brains are pounding. Friendships have ended, families have...

"Our Officer"
I have been working on this article for a while now and I have been trying to find my voice. I see both side of this topic.

A.F.'s contributions

Waking Up From the American Dream: The Reality of Corporatocracy
While onstage George Carlin once joked, "It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it."
Communism in America Part 1: The End of the World as We Know It
What is communism? Many think it is the end of the world as we know it, and they may very well be right.

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