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Allan Q

As the black sheep in almost all cases, it's not all sunshine and sing alongs. However, there's plenty of late nights, Tirk delights, Doctor sword fights, men in manly tights... and as a reclusive, relatively introverted night owl with far too much free time, references. Lots and lots of references. So buckle up, buttercup, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.


What the Hippies Taught America and How Occupy Didn’t Listen
They refused to play the government’s game and in doing so, they created the greatest counter-cultural movement in history.

Fighting The Obvious
For years I've wondered why conservatives like myself seem to be at such a disadvantage.

We all know that Washington and Colorado have legalized it, that more than 11 other states have decriminalized it, we watch in movies and TV shows as ...

Romney wins the popular vote
Ok, Romney isn’t president – yet. But, being Halloween, I wanted to scare some liberals.

Hey Hostess, You Can Eat My Twinkie
Hostess did one better and "Ate the Union's Lunch."

Allan's contributions

Church & State: (Not) A Love Story
Like white on rice. The sticky kind.
church and state
United State of Whatever
Elections aren't for everyone. Politics in general really. But it's just one hell of a pain in the ass to avoid.
i did not vote
Buckle Your Bible-Belt
Here in the south, people support their britches with a good ol' bible-belt.
bible belt

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