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Chandler Lawson

I'm a Liberal Atheist who lives in a Conservative Christian household. All I hear about at family reunions is how Obama is a Socialist and the possibility that he is the Antichrist, and even if he was either of the two I could not give less of a shit. I live in a small town in South Texas where everybody has a hard-on for Jesus.


When Trump says Nay, he actually means Yay!
Trump has made quite a few announcements and Tweets about President Obamas wiretapping lately.

Canada: For Sale; Dictatorships Save Big!
Welcome, shoppers! As you may well know by the title of this post, the country of Canada is up for grabs!

Governor Ladybinders Needs To Learn To Make His Own Dinner
So, women make $0.78 to every man’s dollar? And people are surprised by this?

If the sole purpose of a firearm is mass murder, it should be banned from civilian ownership.

People Really Do Need People
Just as Barbra Streisand sang in the movie, Funny Girl, people do really need people.

Chandler's contributions

Just Another Normal Week In Texas
Last week two Muslim Gunmen opened fire on a cartoon contest whose sole goal was to piss off the Islamic community by drawing the Prophet Mohammed. Fortunately an off duty traffic officer put an end to the shooting by shooting the shooters dead.
What Baltimore, Ferguson, And The Middle East Have In Common
For years the United States has tried to dictate the fate of nations around the world; from Korea to Vietnam, Cuba to Grenada, and Afghanistan to Iraq; all of these attempts have failed so far with the exception of South Korea. The most devastating effects of these “interventions” have been felt across the Middle East.
Why we don't need religion
For many years religion has been seen as a bastion of hope for many people of faith. My experience is quite the opposite. Growing up I never really believed that there was a god, I wanted to, but I didn't.

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