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Me First: Shanghai's Deadly New Year's Eve Stampede
Some 13 hours before the ball dropped in Times Square to usher in 2015, Shanghai officials dropped the ball in the touristy Bund area of the city. The...

Rape in America
Why is the subject of rape divisive? It sure as hell shouldn't be. Rape is something that I am pretty sure is accepted as something that is morally an...

My Father's Religious Freedom
What does religious freedom actually mean?

The Love Agenda
I have yet to hear or read a satisfactory reason as to why a same-sex couple does not have all the rights enjoyed by a straight couple.

Climate Change, Climate Shmange
After a 20 year study, Dr. Melton J. McFickletter, PhD, Associate Professor of Environmental Science at the renowned Bigelow Institute, declared that ...

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Shaking Hands With Beef Trees
George III is most famous for his loss of the thirteen British colonies to country riff raff. Many of us are the spawn of them country bumpkins. The crown's grave mismanagement and overreach played a big part in the bloodbath. The Navigation, Molasses, Sugar, Currency, Quartering, Townsend, Tea, Quebec and Stamp Acts were just some of the blunders that cost George's Empire its golden goose. Royal hubris has consequence. Sometimes it impregnates a populace with anger and forces the premature birth of a country. It's beginning to smell a lot like the United States is a 237-year-old stillbirth, though. But let us not travel down that putrid road. Independence is a nice story that makes for a good hoorah with beer in hand once a year, and the political puzzle pieces seem to fit nicely enough.
Vae Victis
Our predicament is much like the animals, I tell you. I myself am thinking of going the way of the West African black rhino, or maybe the golden toad. Extinction. I reckon my last ribbit won't be to their satisfaction. You'd be wise to do the same.

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