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Johnny Pantstent

Johnny Pantstent is the nom de guerre of a millennial miscreant plucked from the mountainous bosom of West Virginia and dropped into the hustle and bustle of Shanghai. When not reading history or absorbing pop culture, he is a white collar nobody who occasionally writes for his own amusement. Tell him how great he is or how offended you are by the word "mongoloid" here: johnny.pantstent[at]gmail.com


12 reasons why Everyone should vote for Donald Trump
Donald Trump used to be just a business man. Once in debt around one billion dollars, he managed to negotiate, and get out of debt. Then he became the...

UK patients are stockpiling drugs
According to The Guardian, there is evidence that there are a number of patients in the UK who are stockpiling drugs against official guidance in fear...

Skewed perceptions of beauty
No one can live up to the image that we have put out there.

My Father's Religious Freedom
What does religious freedom actually mean?

Iím Tired of Our Love Affair with Teachers
Is there anyone else out there, like me, who is sick and tired of the national meme that teachers are sacrosanct and above all reproach?

Johnny 's contributions

Me First: Shanghai's Deadly New Year's Eve Stampede
Some 13 hours before the ball dropped in Times Square to usher in 2015, Shanghai officials dropped the ball in the touristy Bund area of the city. They failed to prepare for an influx of 300,000 revelers, and this - in part - led to the deaths of 36 Chinese citizens in a stampede.

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