Your dream holidays at Moraira

Your dream holidays at Moraira

Nowadays, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are parting ways with mainstream holidays destinations and opting out for less known holiday spots. If you are looking for a small place with lots of charm that will make you and your family fall in love with it, then there is a town that we can not stop recommending that you visit during your next holidays: Moraira.

A charming small town

Located on the eastern coast of Spain, Moraira is a small and beautiful town in the province of Alicante. It is blessed with some breathtaking beaches and, thanks to the fact that it is part of a bigger municipality (Teulada), it has lots of restaurants, monuments and beautiful landscapes.

Moraira is easily accessed by car, being only a few kilometres away from more mainstream tourist spots like Benidorm or Valencia. This means that you can rent a car in a local company like Victoria Cars and use it to explore Moraira and the beautiful tourist cities nearby.

Thanks to its easy accessibility and wide catalogue of activities, Moraira has become a popular tourist destination, with a population that grows from 11000 habitants to 30000 during the months of summer. So do not think much longer and join those who have already made the smart choice of making Moraira their summer holidays destination.

A place with so much to discover

Moraira may be a small town, but it definitely meets all the requirements to be considered an amazing holiday destination. With so many interesting places to discover, it is very important that we carefully plan out our visit to Moraira, so we do not end up missing out on anything. Some of our favourite Morairas spots include:

The viewpoints route
Moraira has 7 stunning beaches and coves that are safe for the public. All of them are connected by a viewpoint route within walking distance. This route is perfect to enjoy the breathtaking beach views while doing some hiking.

The city centre
Morairas city centre is built in traditional Mediterranean fashion with tall white buildings. On its emblematic streets we will be able to find traditional establishments like the local Ice Cream shop, which has been selling home-made horchata (the typical drink of the area) for over 50 years.

The city centre also features monuments like Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de los Desamparados, a church that dates back to the XIX century.

Morairas castle and the Cap dOr Tower
The remains of Morairas castle and its adjacent tower, the Cap dOr tower, are in an excellent conservation state. This castle was built back in the XVIII century next to the coast to warn Morairas habitants of the presence of pirates in the area. The views from the top of the tower are simply stunning, with an impressing panoramic view of the Ifach de Calpe rock.

The yacht harbour
Moraira has one of the most important ports in the area, where you will be able to enjoy the impressive views of lots of yachts and boats. On Morairas port you will also be able to attend traditional fish auctions and buy some fresh seafood directly from the fishers.

Marjal del Senillar
Marjal del Senillar is the name of Morairas wetlands. It has a very rich biodiversity, which made it earn the title of Wildlife reservation back in 2014. Here we will be able to see many species of animals and plants, including some in danger of extinction like the fartet fish.

The ultimate gourmet experience

Moraira has a very wide catalogue of restaurants and bars of all types of food for any budget. From exclusive gourmet restaurants to traditional Spanish bars or beach bars where you will be able to enjoy some fresh seafood, Moraira has everything needed to please even the pickiest eater.

Overall, Moraira is the perfect alternative for your next summer holidays. So think no further and come to discover this Mediterranean hidden gem.

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