Soulmate or just bed mate?

Soulmate or just bed mate?

We all have our individual approach to dating. Most of us enjoy the idea of finding a loved one to spend the rest of our lives with but others prefer to stick to more casual encounters, favouring the fun aspect of sexual encounters over romance. As such, this determines whether we prefer our partner to be our soulmate or just our bed mate.

Having a soulmate
The concept of a soulmate mainly refers to the idea that we have finally found someone whose ideas and values complement our own. Furthermore, it implies that those two souls are destined for one another. It is a word which we often use to describe our ideal life partner, which understands all of our wants and needs, as well as we understand theirs.

This description is a very romantic one, and even though people apply it to their life partners, the reality of living as a committed couple can be different. Indeed a lot of married couples are not always that romantically intertwined but instead focus more on their family commitments and obligations. Couples who stay together often work as a team, and all good things come to them through the daily effort they make.

Of course couples last longer if they have a lot in common, and most couples will need more than just hard work to stay together. This is where the idea of people being soulmates helps, as they need that extra reason to keep working on their relationship.

Having a bed mate
The idea of finding the right bed mate is a little bit simpler, it implies finding someone with whom we get on well sexually. Some people have better bedroom chemistry than others and whilst some soulmates can also be good bed mates, bed mates do not necessarily need to be soulmates.

Whilst finding the right life partner can be a long and complex process, finding the right bed mate is easier as there are less criteria needed to be filled. In fact, most people find it easy to look for good bedroom partners by going online using casual dating websites such as My Sex Hookups where people are just looking for a bit of fun. Of course people also use other methods such as going out to bars and clubs but using dating websites which specialise in what we are looking for means there is no ambiguity about what people expect from their future partner.

After all, finding someone with good bedroom compatibility could well lead to something more serious further down the line. There is nothing saying that we can't develop feelings towards someone who we are having fun with. This is part of the charms of dating, where we start with something simple and over time desire more. This natural evolution of feelings means that we shouldn't try to make things complicated but instead just take things as they come. And who knows, maybe our bed mate could well become our soulmate.

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