Top tips on how to make your beard look magnificent

Top tips on how to make your beard look magnificent

A clean shaven face is no longer the only look out there for a respectable gentleman. While crazy huge beards were previously the forte of aging bikers and hippies, it is now the height of sophistication to have a face full of fuzz.

And thank heavens, because let's face it, shaving every days is annoying, time consuming and more often than not painful, irritating and leading to ingrown hairs that look like horrific boils. But don't think this means you can just let the beard grow wild and free. Absolutely, not.

There is still some mild and easy grooming required if you don't want to look like you have been living behind the bins for a few months. With a few easy tricks and good products you can be looking your beardy best in no time at all. To find everything you might need to maintain control of your facial hair then just head over to https://buyviu.us/ to compare products brands and prices to find the best thing for you.

You do actually need to wash your beard

This is stating the obvious, but it needs to said. Beards do need to be washed, just like the rest of your face and the hair on your head. Hair can carry a number of bacteria if not cleaned regularly, especially being so close the to germ pit that is the human mouth, and constantly collecting food particles.

Some of you will be of the 'shower gel works for everything' variety, if this is you then consider getting some sort of beard shampoo. The skin on your face is more sensitive than other areas, and beard dandruff from dry abused skin is gross. So get something that will help with these things. It is an important first step.

Patience when trimming is a virtue

This is going to be hard for some, but when you decide to go for it and grow a beard, you are going to have to leave it alone for between four and six weeks, and hold back the urge to have at it with some scissors or clippers.

This is because hair grows at different rates, and it will take this long to get to a stage where you can actually think about how you want to style it. Make sure you go for a good quality trimmer, and pick up some decent scissors for beard trimming - unless you plan to head to the barbers.

Try to choose a style that suits your face shape, and length and thickness of growth. And have a good think about what areas you still wish to keep clean shaven, perhaps around the neck and cheeks. You'll need a decent shaving foam or soap, a brush and a sharp razor to get the best outcome. Do not shave off the mustache. Chin straps look awful on those not doing it for traditional reasons.

Tame and train the beast

It will take a little time to get the hair trained the way you want it. Daily combing will help, then if needed you can add a little styling pomade to keep it in place and growing in the right direction. You might also want to use a little mustache wax to keep your upper lip neat and tidy.

And of course no beard styling would be complete without the king of beard control - beard oil. It looks good, it smells good, it conditions and softens the hair and skin. If you want to smell like a manly lumberjack there are plenty of lovely oils available.

Maximise your diet with beard friendly vitamins

You are what you eat, and it still applies when it comes to facial hair. So getting a balanced diet with plenty of proteins, leafy greens, nuts and calcium will all help your beard to grow well. You might also want to consider a few supplements like vitamins B5, B3 and B9.

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