Paper over common sense?

Getting a job without a degree

hat kind of Kool-Aid did we all wake up and decide to drink between 1990 and 2013? My parents, while the blue-collar type, both made a living with a high school diploma. My dad worked from dusk till dawn never building a real relationship with any of his three wives or his three children, still managed to place roofs over all six heads and food on each of the subsequent TV trays. My mom joined the military running from her home life just at the end of the Vietnam War. Luckily she found 50% disability to rely on for the remainder of her life full of hard labor and service work. Nonetheless, both are hard working and willing to wipe a mess on the floor, open a door for a customer or put heart and soul into their livelihood.

Today, I sit here at 34 with various rare skills sought out by several employers but can't get past the Yale lanyards reviewing resumes. Why? Because I'm missing the magic BA in BS. The results end up with me sitting next to a douchbag making $20k more to do the same exact job with his whopping 4-year degree. Total honesty? He sucks at it and slithers by because he consumes "a good scotch" at lunch with the boss every week. Our country is currently swarming with lazy bloodsuckers seeking maximum compensation for minimal work all to pay off their pathetic college loans that drive the economy into the depths of hell.

I'm tired and sick, and sick and tired of these losers in Donald Trump Halloween costumes. Most are posers that feel they are owed a career that they aren't willing to actually work for. While the minority of us struggle to hang on in this society of smoke and mirrors all the while conducting the REAL business behind the scenes. The day eventually comes when Johnny Fourpointoh is up for the same promotion as I. If the deciding party has ever sat in a meeting with me or walked past my computer screen, I'm the obvious choice. However, too often Boss Hog sitting behind a desk on the sixth floor reviews two packages. One package is full of results driven projects leading toward company success while the other is slightly thicker because Johnny wasn't sure how to remove his golden seal from the overpriced frame his mom purchased two years prior. The shock and awe of the warm cherry finish mesmerizes yet another Kool-Aid drinker of society. Congrats Johnny.

  Four months later they realize they've made a grave mistake with Senior VP Fourpointoh has crushed another account and come running toward me and every other holder of the PH.D in common sense. At that point, so many of us have already moved on to the next gig in the precious hope that a good cup of tea is welcome over the illustrious Kool-Aid.

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