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We the people

Keep in mind that the political system has hills and valleys and there is nothing we, personally, can do to make a difference.

These are the valiant words of a former United States Marine Colonel, now Senior VP of a company working alongside our government. While listening to these words, I found myself nearly choking on my graciously afforded, day-old nearby grocery store chocolate chip muffin. Pondering the meeting during my drive back to work, I find myself disheartened by the selfish frame of mind the Baby Boomers hold while leading Gen X and Y toward our economic apocalypse. THIS TOO SHALL PASS? TAKING A PAYCUT IS STANDARD IN THESE ECONOMIC TIMES??

Forgive me for referring back to a document that I, myself believe, in accordance with my brothers and sisters who battle for the values of said document willingly sacrificing their lives; The Constitution of the United States. The United States was built on a concept that the regular Jo could become a servant of the people and represent the interests of their people. Mr. Jo Regular is elected under the principles in which he/she is voted into office. Not the type of ideology that lobbyists stand for with a goodie bag including box seats, year-round Disney passes for the fam and vouchers for free manicures. At what point did we (the people) begin believing that we are beneath Mr. Jo Regular? As a community we are to elect a single person to stand tall for what is best for us. We are to hold them accountable for the carefully poetic words they hypnotized us with during 20-second ads aired three weeks before poll doors swing wide. Stop taking us (the people) for fools as we take yet another pay cut or find our households with one less income.

The time has come for the people to take a stand

Our Legislative and Executive branches are failing us. Proposed 2013 budget cuts include: clean drinking water funds, housing for those with disabilities, mental health services and oh yeah….Medicare, social security, and the largest cut (over half) of the proposed savings is coming from the Department of Defense. In the meantime, while various attacks take place on our embassies and soldiers are coming home with fewer limbs, our senators are enjoying $40,000+ for office furniture. Whew, that's a load off. Because I can't imagine having to ask Mr. Jo Regular to serve constituents with his/her ass in a dilapidated chair! Last I checked an overturned bucket recovered from an empty job site would suffice.

As we embark on a new tomorrow, where our elderly are asked to pay triple-digits for required medications and our children are growing up next to foreclosed homes and parents wounded from a war without a victor - who are we to look to for hope? It's unsettling that with the egregious behavior of congress and flamboyant news coverage that a mere 22,000 letters have been sent or emailed to our elected officials expressing discontent. If we choose to ignore the baby boomers that sleep better at night believing that "this too shall pass," we may find that we have the courage to make a difference. There is too much at stake to carelessly sit by and ignore the crisis we are in. The time has come to hand Congressman Jo Regular the PINK SLIP.

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