The Constitution: A Long Overdue Retirement


The amendments are something many people use now-a-days to give them an excuse to do certain acts. For instance, I'm tired of gun-toters clinging to the second amendment as a reason or excuse to not get rid of guns. Take that old yellow piece of paper and put it in a museum, retire it. Rewrite it, I'm not afraid that suddenly because some piece of paper goes away that I won't have rights as a woman, I doubt slavery will become an issue again because it isn't there. Stop clinging to the amendments and move on as a society. I do not worry a redcoat will bash in my front door, nor am I worried that I won't be allowed to vote. It wasn't the intention for those who wrote the amendments to allow people to keep several firearms on or with them. If they had thought that was where Americans were going to take that amendment, I doubt they would have written it at all.

There is also the amendment about having a 'freedom of speech' but there are those that do not have as much a freedom of speech as they should, for instance if someone states that they are gay there have been those who threatened to kill them. Parents disown their children. Those that should be free to say and do so, may be put down, on paper that they have the freedom of speech, but they are afraid to speak up.
Where is that freedom of speech, when a child should be afraid to tell his parents something because of the repercussions he might have. People have changed since then, how about abolish the segregation of bisexuals? That is an issue of today. The freedom of speech is worthless if you can't say you are gay without someone causing an issue. Freedom of religion, as far as I remember, god hates.... Well you know the last word. So that is not a freedom to them in many religions.

It is engrained into society to not do certain things because it isn't right. Worry about today's issues, not ones that concerned people back then. We don't need to cling to those amendments anymore. Stop using it as a reason why you should or could have a gun. It's not the 1900s at all now, it's 2013, begin a new type of people and society. If you need SO much to have an amendment written against slavery or for rights to vote, put it in there, but tackle current issues not old ones. We have to renew drivers licenses, registrations, pet vaccinations, why shouldn't they have to review and make current something that is supposed to give everyone rights. If the Amendments are something we are supposed to hold dear, and feel proud of, then rewrite it so that the people, and important issues of today have their rights too.

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