On Election Day, 47% was the Majority

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Article by Keyboard Cowboy
By now, we all have heard the infamous "47%" quote. During the Presidential campaign, Mitt Romney said there was 47% of Americans who saw themselves as victims. He said 47% of Americans would vote for "Social Justice" over sane economic policies. What he didn't realize was another 3%+ were just idiots. On Election Day, the "47%" became the majority and Obama was re-elected.

Specifically, 47% of our population does not pay Federal income tax. But, generically speaking, the "47%" consist of those people who think life is unfair and they want government to make it fair.

Retires and the working poor make up 75% of those who do not pay Federal income tax. Now, no one thinks Romney was talking about senior citizens, and seniors voted for Romney over Obama by 15%. He was, however, talking about the "poor" in America. The ones that want government to take from others and give to them. They voted for Obama over Romney by 28%.

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The Black population is definitely part of the "47%." Blacks are always telling us how they are victims of a slave trade that happened 200yrs ago. They were 24% of Obama's vote total.
Hispanics make up the "47%" because they sympathize with the plight of illegal Hispanics. Hispanics who come to America illegally are seen as "victims" of their birthplace. They deserve our healthcare, our welfare, and our jobs. Hispanics added 14% to the Obama vote.

Overall, Obama got 44% of the minority vote. Add to this the "White Trash" vote and single women vote and you're at the 47% Romney talked about. The "poor" man is a "victim" of economic circumstances. The Black man is a "victim" of slavery. The Hispanic is a "victim" of his birthplace. "White Trash" is a victim of the trailer park. A single woman is a victim of her pregnancy. And the others that voted for Obama? Well, they are just victims of there own ignorance.

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