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Hannity oo obama

Fox News’s Sean Hannity goes wild over a 2007 Obama speech that had gotten enough and more press during the 2008 election, but not according to him. He got Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson saying that this video had not gotten enough press and he knows it firsthand because he was the one breaking the news in 2008. Gaffe anyone? The biggest criticism of the video that they could come up with is the Obama sounded black in this particular speech. This claim was made after it was proven that Obama had made the same speech elsewhere; many times. The only difference here is that he was speaking in front of a predominantly African American audience and therefore he sounded like a black man.

First of all he is an African American and he is proud of it. Second of all, isn’t this racist.
Just because he manages to put his words in such a way to make it not sound racist, does not mean that it is not racist.
I mean common; why isn’t anyone calling Hannity a racist. Just because he manages to put his words in such a way to make it not sound racist, does not mean that it is not racist. What is so explosive about a video that shows a man who is worried about a region of US that has rampant poverty? He was pointing out the obvious and what we have all known about the handling of hurricane Katrina. The then President George W Bush handed it poorly and showed no empathy towards the suffering of the minority. He was talking about a universal theme which has its roots all over the world. He was talking about giving minorities who are largely poor, a fighting chance by giving them opportunities and the added attention they need to succeed in life and have the American dream. George W Bush himself used the exact same speech while he was talking about the Hurricane. Shouldn’t he get the same press Obama is getting on this speech?

To people who watch Hannity’s show. All I want to say is, please do not take him seriously. His political motivated rhetoric is glaringly evident. For some real news and fun, watch the Daily Show. John Stewart does an awesome job keeping political pundits honest.

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