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When you're thinking about Egypt and its current turmoil, consider this - the country is split into 4 somewhat balanced powers, almost equal in their influence on the public; the Army leadership now held by Gen. Abdel Fattah "Sisi" el Sisi, the right wing "political islamists" including the Muslim brotherhood and their allies, the revolutionary youth and finally the old regime's businessmen and party members.

Tested through more than one ballot, it is fair to assume that any future elections will adhere to the division of power as suggested, the only major change in the game now is the radical change in alignment of some Nationalists, Liberals and socialist anarchists.

Some of them were too sympathetic with the Brotherhood after the clearing of their sit-in last month which left about 600 people dead, mostly sympathizers with the brotherhood the ousted president, they changed their views from standing against the religious fascists to standing against the military fascist.

Also a very noticeable change in the tide is the media coverage of events in Egypt, since long before June 30th, the independent media has spearheaded the fight against ex president Morsi, rallying up the people and successfully charging them with enough hatred for the brotherhood which made June 30 the major success it was, now though all these media outlets have become die-hard defenders of police and army brutality, branded pro morsi supporters, "terrorists" and the current political conflict a war on terror. Classic.

The brotherhood has directly and indirectly released their fanatic real terrorists on security forces and citizens alike, in the past month more attacks on police stations and checkpoints have been carried out than the past 2 years, in the Sinai area 28 soldiers were captured and executed in cold blood in retaliation for the killing of 38 brotherhood members that were killed on route to jail, another attack on a police headquarters resulted in the deaths of 16 officers in the town of Kirdasa and then another attack in the city of Aswan leaving 12 officers dead.

The police has managed to arrest most of the brotherhoods leaders, but everyone understands that these actions will not end this violent episode.

No one should jump to the conclusion that this is an open ended insurgency either. The fights have so far been limited to Pro-morsi supporters and security forces. Or supporters of the brotherhood and local residents.

Countless churches have been attacked, too many have been torched, mosques were set on fire during clashes, Christians are targeted, attacked and killed, their homes looted or burned down while the police and army response have been either crazy aggression and brutality or utter incompetence.

The state of emergency is in effect in 11 cities, a curfew from 11pm to 6am is in effect while a constitution community is racing to draft a fitting constitution for the struggling country.

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