The Numbers of a Sure Loser

US economic numbers

Article by Arthur Brewer
As most of us have noticed over the last couple of weeks, the economic numbers coming out of Washington have appeared overly, and oddly, positive. However, unlike the consensus view as to why (getting President Obama re-elected), I believe these are the numbers of a sure loser. Let me explain.

Over the last several presidential election cycles, the incoming administration has inherited an economy either going south or on the mend. Whatever the true economic conditions are at election time, the Democrats always try to use the economy as a way to get into office and present Republicans as out of touch.

Clinton, using the mild recession of 1991, painted Bush Sr. as mishandling the economy, riding that story all the way to the White House. Kerry unsuccessfully tried the same thing in 2004, stating the economy was the worst since the Great Depression, even though the numbers were quite good at the time. And Obama, as we all now, used the global economic crisis of 2008 to secure victory.

Either way, the left always tries to pin a bad economy on the right. And if the economy is actually doing well, they try to paint it as awful anyway. Sort of a lose-lose for the right. And considering the economic illiteracy of the average voter, it often works.

This time, however, is different. I believe Obama is on a crash course and is going to lose this election and I believe they have internal numbers showing as much. Obama is trying to establish an improving economy now, so that under a Romney administration, Obama can take the credit for any improvements brought about by Romney.

The leftists, with their big-government nanny-state philosophy, cannot, and will not, ever admit to failure. The last thing Obama and his minions will acknowledge is that the last four years, under his economic stewardship, have been an utter and total disaster. Its better to put forth cooked-up improving economic numbers now, before hes defeated, so Obama can take credit for an improving Romney economy later on.

And hey, if the trumped up numbers do get Obama re-elected, all the better for them. This is the dishonesty of the left, once again, setting up a lose-lose situation for the right.

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