And the Debates Continue to Ignore Everything

Second debate

So far, there have been two presidential debates and one vice presidential debate and in each of them the issues that really matter have been absolutely ignored. The failed War on Drugs and the passage of the NDAA are just two of these issues. Two issues that are monumentally more important than whether or not Big Bird should have his head chopped off by Romney’s gang of Mormon missionaries.

Why are we throwing money out the window in the midst of a sixteen trillion dollar debt?
So let’s start with the War on Drugs. Basically, it has been an absolute failure. It has not decreased crime as Nixon promised, but rather it has turned America into a gestapo state. The truth is that America has the highest rate of incarceration in the entire world, greater even than China and Russia, and the main reason for this is that minor drug offenses have placed countless thousands, perhaps millions, behind bars. And the cost of this is extraordinary. Beyond finances, cops are out arresting men and women smoking a natural herb for medicinal purposes rather than rapists and murderers. But more to the point, this war is just turning on the motor that will lead to a Second American Civil War. Already over one-third of all the states have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes and Colorado and Oregon have full recreational legalization on their respective ballots. The point is that this war has not just been lost to these created “criminals” but to the states themselves. And let’s not get started on border violence. Enough is enough. It’s time to ask the important questions at these farces they call debates. Why are we denying medicine to sick people? Why are we filling prisons beyond capacity? Why are we throwing money out the window in the midst of a sixteen trillion dollar debt?

And now onto the NDAA. For starters, how many of us have even heard of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012? Not too many and that is dangerous because Section 1021 of the NDAA allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens without trial as long as they are considered terrorist suspects. In other words, the rights given to the citizens in the Constitution disappear as long as the government attaches the term “terrorist suspect” to the detained American citizen’s forehead. So why aren’t the hosts asking Obama why he would sign such a thing into a law? And why aren’t they asking Romney if he approves? The people need to hear why the tyrant of the state, err the president of the state, needs such power to detain his subjects, err citizens, without trial. How long before people like myself are detained as terrorist suspects for writing articles such as this? I think that the people deserve an answer to this question and I’d really like to hear that answer on Monday during the next debate. Unfortunately, I very much doubt I will.

But these are only two of many topics that I could have brought up. The clowns running for the presidency also need be asked about use of drones as surveillance tools.
There's molestation, robbery, sexual harassment, and more. And they are talking only about Libya and Big Bird.
If you didn’t know, there are now more drones in domestic airspace than foreign airspace. And why are there pictures of police vans in Las Angeles tattooed with the words “Department of Homeland Security?” Is America suddenly becoming a police state? And what of the continued atrocities of the TSA? There’s molestation, robbery, sexual harassment, and more. But instead of asking about these things, the only questions that are asked result in answers about Libya and Big Bird. And I’ll be frank: what happened in Libya was an atrocity, but it’s not nearly as bad as what’s happening on domestic soil. And personally, I don’t give a fuck what Romney thinks about Big Bird. It’s these larger issues that I care about. And I would truly like to hear some questions asked that would give me some real answers to the one question in my mind: Why should I vote for possible tyrant 1 over possible tyrant 2? And hearing stories about bullshit by Obama and the same stories about the same bullshit wrapped up in a different package by Romney isn’t giving me an answer.

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