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Chelsey "Mickey" Mick

"Chelsey "Mickey" Mick is a writer, actress, amateur comedian, Big Foot's ex-girlfriend, hopscotch enthusiast, light-weight drinker, over-educated theologian and a horrible imitation of a human being. Although hilarious and ridiculously good-looking, Mickey is emotionally inept and socially awkward. You can find all her other rants at micksnark.com."


Brut Born Rosé: a fresh and sparkling wine that you will always want more of
From Barcelona to the world. Born Rosé is a rosé wine brand that was born in the city of Barcelona and today is present in a large part of the world. ...

Requiem for a Means-Test
The recently and unfortunately re-elected Governor of my state yesterday signed into law a policy that would require drug testing on welfare recipient...

How Romney Could Screw America
Mitt Romney has shown me that he is the guy that will say anything to get into America’s pants.

Sean Hannity says Obama has a sick obsession with Trump
Sean Hannity, host of Hannity show on Fox News , said on Thursday that (former) president Barack Obama has a sick obsession with president Trump.

So...Now What?
Election has been brutal. Feet are tired, knuckles hurt, throats are dry, fingers throb and brains are pounding. Friendships have ended, families have...

Chelsey's contributions

Arizona's Student Constitution
Are civilians required to protect and defend their Constitution? Is it a responsibility of all Americans to fight in America's name?
arizona student constitution
Icelandic Porn: Get It While It Exists!
What country is currently attempting to ban internet porn? Welcome to Iceland, ladies and gentlemen.
iceland laws
Boy Scouts Are Gay
In an article published by christianpost.com, I learned that the Boy Scouts of America visited the leaders of the Latter-day Saints, Southern Baptists, and Catholic Church regarding their level of support for a newly proposed policy on gay members of their troupes.
boy scouts are gay
My Father's Religious Freedom
What does religious freedom actually mean?
religious freedom
Juvie For A 10-Year-Old
According to FoxNews.com, two males brought weapons onto their school campus with a plot to kill a classmate.
Ohio Middle School Promotes Religions
Portrait of Jesus angers people around Ohio.
religious bigotry
Ireland's Church vs. State
While the US battles for equal marriage options in a fight for civil rights, Ireland is still battling for the separation of church and state.

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