UK patients are stockpiling drugs

UK patients are stockpiling drugs

According to The Guardian, there is evidence that there are a number of patients in the UK who are stockpiling drugs against official guidance in fear of a no-deal Brexit. This is being done by asking their GPs for emergency prescriptions as well as ordering drugs from aboard.

"There is a level of concern that has risen quite a lot [in the last few months] and people with diabetes are talking about stockpiling. The government needs to be more transparent about insulin supplies," said Robin Hewings, the head of policy at Diabetes UK.

The stockpiling is happening because people do not know how big the national stockpiles are should there be a no-deal Brexit. What is known is that the UK government has asked pharmaceutical companies to stockpile medicines as part of a no-deal contingency plan.

Rachel Power, the chief executive of the Patients Association said that "It is impossible to say whether the government's contingency planning will prove adequate … the uncertainty over Brexit is leaving patients who rely on medicine for their day-to-day wellbeing on the horns of a dreadful dilemma."

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