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We know it sounds a bit politically incorrect. But why shouldn't you have a chance to read articles only by skinny people? Especially if the writers have given you the chance to do so.

Syria vs. Syria?
Last week, the devastation of a chemical attack in Syria was covered in the news. The story was presented by news media as an attack of a rebel group against the government. More that 1,400 innocent people were killed, sparking international interest. An attack by the U.S. has been planned in the near future, more specifically before the U.S. president leaves for Russia. On the surface, this act of violence seems like a typical, yet particularly brutal act of rebellion, but an anonymous group has published a video ... continue reading
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Lamar Odom: It's a slippery Slope
On the morning of August 30th, 2013, basketball player and more notably Kardashian husband, Lamar Odom was pulled over for reckless driving. After bei...

RIOT in Turkey
Angry is about the only way I can describe how I felt after I heard this on the news; a quote from Reccep Tayyip Ergodan, the current Prime Minister o...

Finally in Big news
Finally in big news, the countries of the world are finally realizing that they are being spied on by the American government via the NSA. Figured now...

If you're anything like me, you worry considerably about the state in which we live. We live in a world of near absolute chaos, with an incredibly sma...

Has racism evolved?
Welcome to the age where you can read all your magazines on an iPad, where cars talk to you and tell you which way to go, where toilets flush themselv...

Your complaint matters: but it bloody shouldn't
You may be one of 2200 people who had the time to call into a hotline recently and complain about the sketch.

How close is Big Brother?
Are our governments actually trying to protect us from a looming threat, or are our governments themselves breaching our privacy in the name of some h...

3 Reasons You're Probably Indoctrinated
Think of television, education, and politics.

The Hunchback King
Known throughout history as the Hunchback King, recent events have brought this name-calling into controversy.
It's Sex, It's free, why not?
It's a Wednesday night and I'm pacing anxiously around the printer in my college computer lab. "Where is my shit!?" After forty-five minutes, it decides to spit out my screenplay and I run out of the lab. Then hunger strikes -- a quick solution presents itself, I decide to get take out at one of the Mexican restaurants... continue reading
Inauguration. See, that wasn't so hard, but that word has been the kryptonite of facebookers, tweeters, insta-grammers, bloggers, and even--gasp, the news media *cough* FOX news *cough* on this, the day of Barack Obama's inauguration to his second term (which I claim as a victory for the U.S.A.). It seems as though a ... continue reading
Public Opinion
"Public calls! We've got the public on our side! Out of my way, guy with public opinion coming through!"

This is a definite-not-lie quote from UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who has the public on his side. That's very important - as it makes what he's doing the right thing. Apparently.

In this context Mr Camero... continue reading
Should the government do more to discourage cigarette smoking?
Considering the fact that the government spends annually from 50 to 70 billion dollars to treat more than 400,000 patients suffering because of cigarette smoke, the government should seriously think what they have to do to reduce this plague.

In US there are more than 43.5 million adults smokers, and there is no num... continue reading
Auntie's 90th Birthday – A Hearty Defence of the BBC
The bottom of this article has a song which basically sums up my defence, even though I first heard it after writing the sodding piece.

The British have a problem. Over the past few years they have learned, legitimately, that almost every single nationwide institution has been corrupted.

Worldwide, the discovery... continue reading

Introducing Chad Tycoon, future King of the UK
Chad Tycoon is a wealthy man who employs the Sultan of Brunei to be his footstool. You get the picture.

The Outside Look at the Inside Hollow
I have come to discover a little-known fact about America, and that it has recently gone through what's called a general election.

A Wager with Her Majesty
We are witnesses to mass devolution to a disillusioned and disunited people, or peoples.

What the Hippies Taught America and How Occupy Didn’t Listen
They refused to play the government’s game and in doing so, they created the greatest counter-cultural movement in history.

V for Vendetta
Are the hackers modern Guy Fawkes, modern rebels?

Stop War. Stop the Troops. Stop Support.
Why should people support the military? This is a simple question, but at the same time, its implications are almost blasphemous.

And the Debates Continue to Ignore Everything
So far in all debates between the candidates the issues that really matter have been absolutely ignored.

The case of Mapp v. Ohio
In this outstanding case, the parties were the following: first as plaintiff, then as respondent was Ohio State, and on the other side first as defen...

An Ugly Theory of Reality
"We are gathering here to participate in this noble gesture and help everyone who needs it. Our politicians have given up half their salaries for the ...

One Debate, Two Candidates, and No Solutions
So a black guy and a Mormon walk onto a stage to convince everyone that they’re the best choice for President. The Mormon boasts of his magical underp...

Bye, Bye Big Bird
Even those of us who didn’t tune into the presidential debate or those who did and fell asleep already know that Romney wants to cut off Big Bird’s he...

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