The Lesser of Two Evils

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Article by Carol Powell
The lesser of two evils. The next time I hear those words, I'm going to punch myself in the face. No, no one cares. I will punch a puppy in the face. Do you like puppies? Good, then listen up. If your main argument for choosing Barack Obama or Mitt Romney for president has anything to do with one being less evil then the other, I'm so glad you're here, because you are the epitome of what's wrong with this country and why the rest of the world hates us. No, contrary to popular belief, you're not hated because you're a proud "free" flag waving American. It's because you as that "free" individual, are willing to choose any evil to run your country, while your choice of "lesser evil" proceeds to skip around the rest of the world saving other countries from evil dictators, or getting oil. Whatever; who cares? You just need to get through this election, complain for the next four years and repeat the process. Fuck what he does, and the fact that you voted for him. None of what our government does could be that bad. We're America, and bad things don't happen in America. And hey, your life isn't affected, so fuck those people on the other side of the world. If they took down their own dictators, we wouldn't have to get involved anyways. Lazy bastards.

For those of you who aren't aware, when it comes to Obama and Romney, there is no lesser evil. They are pretty much identical candidates. Two cheeks of the same ass, so to speak, and you, the American citizen, are what we refer to here in this analogy, as the toilet paper (after they've finished with the Constitution and Bill of Rights of course). Let's not forget that Romney supported TARP, and Obama's stimulus package", and even took credit for his auto industry bailout. Both candidates support the Federal Reserve, and say that it's not the presidents' place to question its independence. Regardless of the fact that it is perfectly clear that Bernanke and the Fed have complete control over our economy. In fact, both candidates love the job Bernanke did in the last recession, and won't hesitate to tell you that he should be re-nominated for a second term as Federal Reserve Chairman. Although I guess we shouldn't be surprised since both candidates are strongly funded by Wall Street. Even though campaign contributions for this election may show Romney to be the one on the bankers' side, let's not forget that the Wall Street is already in Obama's pockets. You can easily see that when you look at hiscabinet.

Now, economy issues are big issues for us right now. No one wants to be in the poor house. This isn't the 1930's. I don't know my neighbor, and I don't think my neighbor really gives a shit about me either. I lock my doors every time I leave my house, and I will hit the lock button on my car keys a few extra times if there are people in the area. Sitting in a bread line? Yeah, I look at our country today, and I more imagine people stabbing each other to get to the front of that bread line, because the American mentality is, me, my own, and fuck everyone else. I'd say preventing that all together would be an awesome idea, but Obama's failing policies won't help, and neither will cutting PBS. We need BIG CUTS that neither candidate is willing to commit to. So hold on to your seats kids, because financially speaking, we're already screwed.

But what could possibly be worse you ask? The economy has crumbled, you haven't eaten anything but that 3 year old Top Raman that's been sitting in your cabinet since you moved into your house, for over a week. You're about to get evicted from your place, because you lost your job. Luckily, the repo man didn't come for your car yet, so you're one step above a cardboard box…oh no, there he is. The shit has hit the fan, and you're thinking life couldn't get any worse.

Until you're sitting there sipping your Ramen minding your own business, and bang, Military busts down your door like it's fucking Nazi Germany and you've kidnapped Ava Brown. Guess what folks? Martial Law has been enforced, and oh yeah, shit just got A LOT worse. Now the many village idiots that surround us on a daily basis, will probably think, how awesome! I was about to be homeless, my Ramen supply is almost gone. Government to the rescue at just the right time! Before you know it the government will provide your bed, your food, your clothes, your EVERYTHING, at their discretion. If that doesn't sound lovely to you, congratulations, you're not one of those morons I was talking about earlier.

Think either candidate will prevent this? Let me spell it out for you.

Patriot Act: If you don't know what this is, I'm not sure why you're still reading this article. Both candidates support it, even though Obama pretty much ran on undoing all of Bush's shenanigans. At least Bush was clearly a moron. What's your excuse Mr. Well versed Obama?

NDAA: Sections 1021, and 1022, give the government the authority to lock up any US citizen indefinitely, without trial, because they suspect you of being a terrorist. So I'd be REAL careful the next time you say the government sucks on the phone, because thanks to the Patriot Act, they're probably listening, and thanks to the NDAA, if they decide they don't like you, they won't hesitate to drop you in the middle of the Atlantic. And you better believe both candidates support the NDAA as well. Because hey, fuck the Bill of Rights.

Guantanamo Bay: Hey, wasn't that supposed to be closed four years ago? Oh yeah, Obama changed his mind on that one too. I think we all know Romney's not changing anything either.

Gun Control: Both candidates have a long history of wanting stricter gun laws in this country. I'm pretty sure there's some amendment that's supposed to prevent that. Oh wait…they don't care about those amendments, silly me.

Unconstitutional Wars: Neither candidate seems to feel it's required to run checks and balances anymore, and think that because they're president, they can invade any country they want. Hell Congress is just a horse and pony show anyways.

Taxes: Typically, you will see the Republicans running on the basis of no new taxes. Though history has taught us this is usually a lie, nothing more than campaign propaganda to get elected. However, Romney's tax plan, favoring of course the very rich, leaves the average Joe paying more. Never mind the fact that he's unopposed to a new VAT tax on the American people, as well as backing a "cap and trade" carbon tax scheme, as long as we rip off the rest of the world while we're at it. I don't think I need to explain that Obama will continue to raise taxes, in his continual effort to get everyone dependent on the government.

I could literally write over a hundred pages explaining how Obama and Romney are the same candidate, but let's face it, this is America. Most of us don't like to read much, so I'm sure I won't have your attention too much longer. Why don't you check out one of the infinite number of YouTube videos that will show you in 10 minutes, how little they vary on almost every topic?

How can we save ourselves from these two atrocities that have been bestowed upon the American people? These are our options! Left or Right, Red or Blue. I have to choose the lesser of two evils, what other option do I have?

Well Ron Paul would have been the right choice, but that time has come and passed. Although I'm not sure how much footing could have been made given the fact that this election has so far held more voter fraud than any other election in the history of America, be it in Iowa, Nevada, or Maine. Looks like even the rights we do still have don't really mean much anymore. You know why? Because people keep voting for the lesser of two evils. Guess what? That still leaves evil in charge. What a profound discovery!

On November 6th, I will cast my vote for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. Oh, you haven't heard of him? Likely because the same people who have one by one taken away your freedoms over the last decade and beyond, want to make sure you don't know who he, or any other third party candidate is. Yes, he is an option. His name will be on the ballet. So why haven't you seen him in the debates? Because the corrupt have done everything they can to make sure you BELIEVE a third party can't win. That all they do is steal votes from "real" candidates. I would bet every dollar I have, that the guy whose campaign isn't funded by Goldman Sachs, is probably the guy with your interests at heart. He just can't afford to barrage you with thousands of commercials before Election Day. Is that what we have become? Where we refuse to seek knowledge, find something better, an alternative, that is most definitely there, but we don't give it the time of day because it wasn't placed right in front of our faces?

Gary Johnson probably won't win. I will still vote for him, and I am not taking a vote away from anyone. I would rather stay home and cry for the future of my country then spend ten minutes of my life casting a vote for one of these two buffoons. A founding father tosses in his grave for each ballot cast for Obama or Romney. I will take one thing away from that voting booth. Though it may not be victory, I will have my dignity, and my self-respect. I will know that I did everything in my power to stop the destruction of our Constitution by voting for a candidate swearing to uphold it, and I will continue to do so until my death. I will know that I paid attention to the issues, and the actions of my unjust government, and I didn't just brush it off. I got mad. I did everything to convince my fellow Americans that there was a better option before it's too late, before all our rights are gone.

Just know when the shit hits the fan, don't blame me. I don't vote for evil, I never will.

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