What is the Meaning of the Media?

What is the Meaning of the Media?

Anyone who relies on mainstream media for news has a one-sided view; it masquerades as the truth, but it is a mixture of lies and propaganda. The aim of the media today is to misinform, manipulate and make you afraid.

The news is not complete unless coverage is slanted towards a particular political bias. No one will agree on every issue. On a reporter's best day, they can try to provide facts with an honest perspective. On their worst days, reporters are biased, slanted pushing their agendas.

The war in Iraq was possible due to the media repeating the inaccuracies forced by the higher ups. A full investigation would have revealed no evidence to support that Iraq had nuclear weapons, but the media accepted what the higher ups said and failed to do their job.

Journalists and editors have chosen popularity with their bosses, money, and fame, above principle. They want to be “in” with the “in crowd,” they want to be liked.

It is the role of journalists to question politicians. Journalists should never have friends among politicians and should never accept favors.

They are not in the slightest bit interested in truth. A journalist will blow whichever way the wind takes them.

As the mainstream media fails, some journalist dig deeper and expose the truth about what going on the inside. One problem: the masses don’t care.

No matter if Trump doesn’t understand the issues or Hillary finally admitting the Iraq War was a mistake, few want to deal with truth when they create their own liberal or conservative viewpoint instead of confronting their failures.

It is all the fault of the liberal media to the point that reporting events that have happened are biased journalism or it is considered a minor issue from what Americans care about.

Conservatives will always view Obama as a radical socialist pushing the government in the lives of citizens, while liberals believe Obama caves into the pressure of Republicans, and both can find media outlets to support their view as truth.

There seems to be a collapse of what is considered news. Journalism has been replaced by cable news outlets and social media that lets people keep their own opinion without any deeper examination.

The mainstream news--Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC--examines reports without a counter-opinion, even if the opinion has weight as facts. The influential figureheads of the media today are as ludicrous the news they report.

People like Bill O’ Reilly believe their rhetoric and lose the sense of objectivity. To their viewers, they’re speaking the truth through the mainstream media. The truth, or their version of it, is objectivity.
Can the news be trusted? To a point. However, only with watchful eyes—and only if you know where to look.

“Politics is the art of controlling your environment.”-- Hunter S. Thompson

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