Masochism Is Not a Crime

Selling yourself

Article by Keyboard Cowboy
We spend millions on medicines to make us feel better. We have a family doctor to cure our ailments. And, we see a massage therapist for our aches and pains. But, adults can’t buy and sell sex?

Defining prostitution is a case of semantics. People have always been willing to debase themselves for immediate gain. In the 1800’s, our military soldiers had groupies to service them. Now, we have four-star generals committing adultery. In America, humiliating yourself is legal; unless you get paid for it.

Some say, "Prostitutes have no free will of their own." If they don’t have free will; it is because they gave it up voluntarily. We already have laws against enslaving someone. Laws that make prostitution illegal, take away a person’s right to self-inflicted mental pain.

It is a myth that prostitution is about men dominating women. Prostitution is a business transaction that takes place between heterosexuals and homosexuals. I always feel like the female cashier has the power.

Our popular culture is built on people degrading themselves for a dollar. The American Idol wannabe singers embarrass themselves in front of 20 million people for 15 seconds of fame. Rihanna was beat bloody by Chris Brown but refused to press charges. She wanted the fans of Chris Brown to buy her albums. Hillary Clinton would not divorce Bill Clinton after he admitted to sodomizing a girl his daughter’s age. Hillary sold her soul for political expediency.

Strippers make a few thousand a week. Victoria Secret models make thousands in hours. Pop singers and Hollywood actors make millions a year. They are selling their sex and prostituting themselves. These people rarely have a stable family life. They may even feel dominated, degraded, and slavish. But, they all have a free will and masochism is not a crime.

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