Hackers, Hackers Everywhere

Hacked celebrity photos

Leave celebrities and the insured feeling exposed

Celebrity Instagram hack: isn't it funny how internet security isn't an issue until it becomes one? Of all people who should know to keep their dirty pictures private, wouldn't it be celebrities? I am so tired of these "hacking" stunts. No one would care if my nude pics hit the web but let "Katniss" have a nip-slip and the whole world goes crazy. Calls to sensor and monitor internet content begin to ring from LA-LA Land and beyond. I hate to break it to the masses but hackers don't care about NSA or government observation. If they are going to hack, they are going to hack. The solution would be to stop uploading embarrassing photos to the Cloud. As a private citizen, I do not think my internet access and activity should be monitored when I am not the one posting dirty pictures or hacking Instagram accounts.

I think the most amazing part of all of this, is no one has learned their lesson. What is this the second or third time this has happened? Seriously, someone hacks your debit card and you immediately lock down, get new cards, accounts, passwords etc. But nude pics on the Cloud seems like a smart idea...common sense just isn't as common as it once was. Shouldn't some accountability fall onto the account holder who uploaded the media they didn't want to have leaked? That's what the internet is based on broken promises and spilled secrets.

Now, another major company has been hacked and I'm a client! This time it isn't a simple social media platform, one of the biggest insurance companies in the United States. I just signed up for my Affordable Health Care and I just got all of my paper work yesterday in the mail. I woke up the other morning to ABC's Facebook page telling me that the second biggest insurance company had been the victim of a massive breach of security. I know hacking is difficult crime to combat but I would think that a company with that much money and power should be able to protect themselves against such events. Here I was hearing rumors that healthcare.gov was not a secure site to put all of my sensitive information into. I cautiously entered all of the appropriate information and hit submit never even dreaming that Anthem would be attacked. Boy was I wrong!

This leads me to my next point, they have all of my information. What amazes me is that the hackers did all that work and they didn't take the credit card information? That is hard for me to believe. Hacking a major corporation like Anthem would not be as easy as hacking the neighbors wireless signal. Why go to all of that trouble just to get my name? I smell a conspiracy, quick call Jesse!

I am thankful for the decision I made 5 years ago to get Lifelock protection. Even though Anthem has not contacted me, I am able to monitor my situation to ensure no one has got a hold of my identity. But what about all of those people how don't subscribe to a service like Lifelock? Who is looking out for them? Anthem claims they will offer identity and credit monitoring but how can they be trusted when their company allowed my information to be obtained in the first place?

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