You know the world is fucked up when...

The world has gone insane

When news about government's wrongdoing fast becomes the news about how the story came out or who leaked the information.

When world crises, wars, huge problems drag on for too long it's not considered news anymore, but rather same old, same old, that nobody cares about anymore.

When cool, or depending on whom you ask, bad-taste t-shirts, overshadow huge achievements in history.

When the procedures, bureaucracy, and laws prohibit helping people even if it's possible.

When good deeds are judged based on who's doing them.

When individuals committing crimes are sentenced to death or life in prison, but corporations get told not to do it again.

When our moral education levels are so low that we think killing people for what we believe in is the only way to go. Or if killing is the only thing we believe in.

When we think that moral can exist only if you believe in some sort of holy book.

When passenger planes are shot down, and you come to the conclusion that, ah, actually US did it once or twice in the past as well, it happens. Or even worse, if you don’t even remember or know about such past events.

When instead of fact-checked news stories newsmakers offer unfounded speculations just to engage the audience more.

When audience engagement becomes more important than what the audience is engaged with.

When the killing of one civilian in one place can start a war, yet the kidnapping and rape of 200 kids in another continent causes quiet outbursts.

When the news about a test airplane crash talks more about the future of the company than the fact that somebody died in the accident.

When news is more about getting to the emotional side of the viewer or reader than it is to dive deeply into the background of the story.

When the development of better, more advanced, greener technology, is delayed only because it's a better business idea.

When because of the former being a better business idea means that people and companies who still do want to come out with better, more advanced, greener technology, by the end of the day their company is bought out from under them.

When Kim Kardashian and puppets alike are considered news.

When people like Jesse Ventura start making more sense than the "sensible" politicians.

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