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Las Vegas Science and Technology Festival
From the 24th of April to the 2nd of May, you can experience 9 days where science and technology will come to life in Las Vegas. You can join this fan...

Bill "Sore Loser" O'Reilly 3: NBC is Protecting Obama
That's the contention which Bill would like you, his faithful viewer, to believe.

Your dream holidays at Moraira
Nowadays, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are parting ways with mainstream holidays destinations and opting out for less known ...

Canadian Gov't Gives Special Treatment to Private Corporation, Canadians Ecstatic!
Not that this hasn't happened before in Canadian economic & political history, but I digress. Verizon, a notably powerful ISP, TV, and Phone provider ...

Rise of the Cynical Bastards
The Media is without a doubt mostly to blame for the trend of cynical bastards rising in prevalence.

Eli's contributions

Bernie Sanders - what does he believe?
Bernie Sanders has entered the race for becoming the president of the United States once again. And he managed to raise one million dollars in a span of just four hours. But what does he actually believe in? What does Bernie Sanders stand for?
Trump: I'll break it and then claim credit for almost fixing it
Trump is a man of unlimited unnecessary words and no real new action. His reusable plan of action is always the same - let's take something that is working but might need improvement, let's totally destroy it, and then restore it close to what it was.
Sharing fake information does not promote your cause
I remember a while back, one of my acquaintances shared a photo in Facebook, with a caption something like "That's what happens to Muslims in X country run by Christians". My friend is a Muslim, and while he is a really great guy, sometimes he gets some things very wrong.
Paris Climate agreement, Iran Nuclear deal, Human Rights Council, Healthcare ... Flat Earth?
After becoming the president of the United States of America, Trump has done everything but build his wall. He has insulted disabled people; he has separated immigrant children from their families; he has been in ugly non-presidential Twitter fights with pretty much everyone; he has been an eight-year-old two-faced twat that he actually is; he's left the Paris Climate agreement because, well, climate change is obviously not real; he has abandoned the Iran Nuclear deal; he has left the UN Human Rights Council; he has taken away affordable(ish) healthcare from a number of people; he has lied possible around at least thousand times about everything from meetings with Russians to crowd size during his inauguration; he gave tax cuts for himself and his wealthy friends. Probably his next statement will be claiming that the Flat Earth conspiracy theorists have been right all along. But at least he has made on friend one the way, Kim Jong-un.
Trump's State of the Union was NOT watched by record number of people
It's not even news anymore that Trump's claims don't hold up in the world of...well, reality, but here we go again. Trump tweeted that his State of the Union was watched by the highest number of people in history. And this time we can't even understand why would he have to shout out an obvious lie.
A fairly (un)educated look into PROs and CONs of GMOs
Are GMOs really bad? Or are the genetically modified organisms actually a necessity? Is your friend right when he said that GMOs are unhealthy or was he totally wrong? Here are some pros and cons of GMOs for you to consider.
Trump keeps children hostage, demands $25 billion
While the wording is slightly incorrect, considering the issue is not necessarily with children, but 1.8 million undocumented immigrants who have been brought to the United States as children, he is essentially keeping them hostage, saying that he would offer them path to citizenship only if Democrats are willing to create a $25 billion trust fund for border wall.
Sean Hannity says Obama has a sick obsession with Trump
Sean Hannity, host of Hannity show on Fox News , said on Thursday that (former) president Barack Obama has a sick obsession with president Trump.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders is as clueless as Sean Spicer
Sarah Huckabee Sanders seems to have no idea how the immigration program actually works. But then again, neither does probably his boss Donald Trump.
Trump tripping on acid again
Just as Democrats thought they had managed to do some sort of deal with Trump, Trump gets high and starts doing what he does best again - trying to show Melania he has the power to do anything he wants to.
If the professor of the University of Tampa had acted like Trump
A university professor at the University of Tampa was fired for suggesting hurricane Harvey was karma for Texas Republicans. And here's what he would have said afterwards.
Jimmy Kimmel's Trump monologue
On Tuesday Jimmy Kimmel took the stage for the opening monologue of his nightly show. What he said about Trump is what everyone should listen, whether you're a fan or fag (well, let's call everyone who truly dislikes him a fag, just for the sake of it, for not reason).
The root cause of Pedophile Priests are women..wait, what?
Raymond Leo Burke, an American cardinal prelate of the Catholic Church and a leader of its conservative wing, spoke out some time ago about the problems Catholicism is facing. He also touched the topic of pedophilia, and he concluded that the root cause of the problem are women.
Trump afraid Mueller investigation will look into his tax returns
Trump's team is doing its best to block the special counsel Robert S. Mueller III's Russia investigation. Part of what he seems to be worried about is that Mueller would be able to access several years of his tax returns.
Americans still way behind Canada when it comes to weed
While Trump, together with his sidekick, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, are considering reverting back to the old school method of drug enforcement by bringing back huge penalties for small-time drug offenders, Canada has announced that no later than July 2018 Canadians will be able to go to their local cannabis distributor and buy some pot without any medical prescription.
Trump's speech hailed as brilliant
Trump gave a long speech in Poland. I read the full transcript from The Australian, and then read the comments under it - one thing you should never do, but you still do it every once in a while from sick interest.
Trump visited Twitter again
Not that it's something new. But it definitely is a new day. And new day brings new tweets from the dude. And the new tweets bring new controversy. And in that perspective, there's actually nothing new. As if even the day hasn't changed.
Washington, cannabis, and the secret public high
During Obama's presidency the laws related to marijuana, or pot, weed, dope, burrito, rope, ganja, schwag, became ... let's say, softer. They removed the bureaucratic obstacle to privately-funded medical marijuana research, making medical marijuana research easier.
PR disaster Sean Spicer steps down to take on a more senior role
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is stepping down from his current position after he has not managed to make any Trump's statements more edible for the average person.
Donald Trump's wall problems
Donald Trump, the unfortunate 45th president of the United States, as one of his main promises to the people who elected him, he said that he will build a big, beautiful wall, so beautiful that even Ivanka is nothing next to it.
Ivanka - you are beautiful, but your father is still an ignorant asshole
And I believe you know it. You've been living together with the man for ages, so you'd be the first to know who he is. Of course he is your father, and nobody likes people talking crap about our family, but even if you don't like it, much of it can be true, as it is the case with your father.
Trump approval rating hits new low - 36 percent
According to the new Gallup poll the approval rating for president Trump has hit a new low after the failure to pass a new health care bill.
When Trump says Nay, he actually means Yay!
Trump has made quite a few announcements and Tweets about President Obamas wiretapping lately.
Trump: I'm not a racist, it's all about politics
While Trump says it is all about politics, and he does not take the racist accusations seriously, because he is obviously not a racist, we will leave the final decision up to you. Here are just a few remarks he has made over time.
Obama probably, definitely, possibly behind White House leaks
It has not been exactly confirmed as an alternative fact yet, and definitely not a fact, but according to Trump Obama is behind the White House leaks, well, probably, definitely, possibly, maybe.
Trump claims he is reducing national dept $400 million a day
Another day, another tweet. Trump has just asked in Twitter why the media has not reported his big achievement of lowering the national debt by $12 billion, or $400 million a day during his first 30 days in office.
9th Circuit Court declines quick reinstatement of the travel ban
9th Circuit Court declines a quick reinstatement of the travel ban ordered by Trump Jan 27th.
Trump was an eight-year-old bully yesterday, and will be tomorrow
The sad truth is that we do need to accept the man as a president. But that's not what people are doing. People have actually started saying that he might not be that bad afterall.
Charity is in the lies
They say charity begins at home - or, before we go into it, it's not even clear what that statement really means when someone says it.
What might the future of gambling look like?
Whether you think well of gambling or not, it's been with us since the beginning of mankind.
Fixing the world: A draft for solving the refugee crisis
A draft of potential solution to the current refugee problem.
Of generalization and bullshit
Or should I say, of generalization bullshit. I just read an article on Observer (publisher is Donald Trump's son-in-law), talking about the "blatant racism" in Estonia. It is awful to see how much generalization is being used.
12 reasons why Everyone should vote for Donald Trump
Donald Trump used to be just a business man. Once in debt around one billion dollars, he managed to negotiate, and get out of debt. Then he became the douche boss at the TV reality The Apprentice. It's all good, everyone are allowed to boost their ego just a bit. Now he's running for the president of the United States.
Fearing the Change Upon Us
For the last few years I have watched as this country has swung from a land of milk and honey that promised salvation to all the downtrodden of the world to a country run by fear.
Dealing with students is just like dealing with toddlers
As many 18 year olds head off to university and the excitement of freshers’ week, an online voucher code website has looked at the similarities students share with toddlers, especially when students are drunk. From being awake all night long, to falling asleep anywhere, questionable clothing choices and see all the ways students and toddlers are the same in the infographic below.
The case For and Against refugees
Even if you are not following the news daily, you're aware of the current situation concerning refugees (and migrants). A number of countries have seen, or a least heard, the increasingly loud voices of local "patriots" speaking against offering asylum to refugees.
What UK Leaders Coalition children would look like!
In the run up to the UK General Election an online voucher code website has imagined what the party leaders coalition children would look like. The possibility of another coalition government seems likely as voters go to the polls on Thursday 7th May 2015, with 7 leaders to choose from it leads them to some amusing results.
Top Gear fans are idiots
Yes, you, and you, and you there sending death threats to the producer, Oisin Tymon, as well as the BBC director general Tony Hall and his wife. How else could one explain the threats made to those people?
The self-proclaimed guardian of the world should lead by example
The International Criminal Court, or in short, ICC, is an international tribunal based in The Hague is the Netherlands. It's job, responsibility, is to prosecute individuals for the international crimes against humanity, genocide, and war crimes.
Is the West to blame for Ukraine?
In a recent article at the foreignaffairs.com, John J. Mearsheimer blames the West and the U.S. in the problems in Ukraine. He says that Putin, in this case, isn't so much to blame at all. In the article called "Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault" he says
You know the world is fucked up when...
When news about government's wrongdoing fast becomes the news about how the story came out or who leaked the information. When ...

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