What are we?
SUPERBIOUS is an online creature or politically incorrect blog covering topics that matter. From politics to religion to opinions on companies too big to fail or too small to matter. From no-sense happenings on Fox News to the self-proclaimed "best political team on television." From what Bill Maher is right about to his inability to accept anyone elses opinions. To hell with the lies, to hell with political correctness.

What's Superbious, is that even a word?
Not really sure if it's an official word yet, but the direct translation (according to some *extremely* trustworthy sources) might be proud or haughty. But in reality the word came to be back in June 2010, when it was Bill O'reilly's Word of The Day on his O'Reilly Factor and according The Man's website, it means proud, arrogant, overbearing and is pronounced as [suh-purb-ee-us].

Who are we?
Superbious is full of opinionated authors from around the globe, mainly from countries such as Canada (you know, the country where dog sleds are driven everywhere), U.K (the "oh, good day to you sir" country), U.S. (apparently, the country with just one export article, fictitious democracy), Australia (place where people have Kangaroos and Koalas for Pets and everyone looks like Crocidile Dundee). We do have couple of writers from various other places as well, but so far we've been unable to locate them on the map (or in all honesty, we have simply been unable to locate the map).

So putting it all together, we have a lot of light-weight heavy drinkers with us, some of them were born hillbillies, some of them women, some are even republicans. So we really cater to all who are able to digest us.

Hopefully these answers gave you a good enough idea of what the hell this all is all about. But if they didn't, well, in all honesty, so? The idea is for you to find out yourself, make up your own mind, and let us know what you think of us.

SUPERBIOUS is an e-zine, online creature or politically incorrect blog, created to make Us happy. We have lots to say and we simply needed someone to say it to. Hopefully you'll find it more than readable. Or not.

So you want to write?

Have something politically incorrect to say, yet something that has a point in it? Well, maybe, just maybe we could hear from you.

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...yeeeeees, we love Fox News. But we love Jon Stewart and Bill Maher a lot better. Fox News we love because of the quality, amusing, factual information they provide. Bill and Jon we love because they help us see it.

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