Trump: I'm not a racist, it's all about politics
Donald Trump said in an interview yesterday on Fox News' "Fox & Friends" that "I can't [take racist accusations personally]...I have to write it off as purely politics. It just seems the other side whenever they are losing badly they always pull out the race card."

While Trump says it's all about politics, and he doesn't take the racist accusations seriously, because he's obviously not a racist, we'll leave the final decision up to you. Here are just a few remarks he has made over time.

1. Tweet: "I have a gr... continue reading
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Mamie the Plow-Horse
The following is the actual script – including stage direction in parentheses and italics – of a speech written for Ernest P. Blufous VI, President and CEO of Blufous International, manufacturers of agricultural equipment and direct marketers of aluminum siding, vacation rentals and burial insurance.

The speech was ... continue reading
Juvie For A 10-Year-Old
According to FoxNews.com, two males brought weapons onto their school campus with a plot to kill a classmate. One student brought a knife, the other a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol with a full ammunition clip, court records stated.

Here's the really horrible part: these two males are aged 10 and 11 years old. Th... continue reading
The Helpless Canadian
The Helpless Canadian: "I've learned so much about my American neighbours in my studies, I think it is time I go explore firsthand the Land of the Free."

The Helpless Canadian heads toward the border.

The Helpless Canadian: "Hello representatives of the American people, I've got a lot of gifts I would like to sha... continue reading
Former Holmes Fluffer Worried about Health of Jeremy's Penis
Puffy Pillows, famous fluffer to the porn stars, spoke out couple of days ago on her fears that the porn industry's signature phallus might be eroding in stature.

"Ron has not been taking care of himself and his cock is being punished for it," Pillows opined at a book signing yesterday in Dubuque, Iowa. She was ther... continue reading
Hey Hostess, You Can Eat My Twinkie
On November 8 Union workers told their employer, "Hey Hostess, you can eat my Twinkie." It turns out that Hostess did one better and "Ate the Union's Lunch." On November 16, Hostess went out of business and fired 18,500 striking workers.

In the late 1800's, American Labor Unions were created to protect workers. The ... continue reading

Ethnic Dating in the Digital Age
Ms. Dalai Mismaladoop and Mr. Chang Choo Jones are two 40-year old virgins, who wear their anal promise rings with pride. Looking for love on line is...

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