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Fighting The Obvious
For years I've wondered why conservatives like myself seem to be at such a disadvantage at selling our ideas of limited-government, self-reliance and founding principles to the public at large.

We always seem to be playing catch-up, desperately trying to sell our ideas as the most in tune with natural law, constitutional law, basic economics or just plain common sense. But at every turn, pop culture and the mainstream media portray us as a bunch of backwater, selfish, mean-spirited capitalists.

Now, I'm 44 ye... continue reading
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More Shit That Just Pisses Me Off
And there's a lot of it...

The Hubris of Man
You can pass law after law in attempting to correct the ills, but it will never solve the problem.

Latino is the New Black
The results are in, and to no ones surprise, Latino’s overwhelmingly voted to put Barack Obama back into office for another four years.

So Many Broken Promises
The list of broken promises made by Mr. Obama goes to literally hundreds.

Is The Climate Change Fraud Finally Behind Us?
As we begin to assess the damage Sandy has caused, we sit and wait for the shitstorm to begin.

I’m Tired of Our Love Affair with Teachers
Is there anyone else out there, like me, who is sick and tired of the national meme that teachers are sacrosanct and above all reproach?

The Biggest Scam Ever Played
Looking back at President Obama’s first term, can we, as a nation, honestly assess exactly what he’s accomplished, and more importantly, what he hasn’...

Recycling - What A Waste
As I’m sure you can tell by my opening, I’m no fan of recycling, especially state-enforced recycling.

What Really Pisses me Off
Recycling, ribbons, politically uninformed, NFL players in Pink, pussies, face libertarians, what's do they have in common?
The Numbers of a Sure Loser
As most of us have noticed over the last couple of weeks, the economic numbers coming out of Washington have appeared overly, and oddly, positive. However, unlike the consensus view as to why (getting President Obama re-elected), I believe these are the numbers of a sure loser. Let me explain.

Over the last sever... continue reading

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