The Hubris of Man

School shooting

Article by Arthur Brewer
Within hours of the mass-murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut came the completely predictable calls for stricter gun control laws. After all, we've unfortunately been here a lot lately, a crazed gunman kills numerous innocent people and the gun control lobby, within minutes of the horrendous act, demands that we "do something".

The hubris is palpable; the idea that man can legislate morality with more and more laws restricting the freedoms of law abiding individuals. These politicians, community leaders and media talking heads believe that they can simply put a new law or regulation on the books and fix the problem. All while ignoring the consequences of the other political positions for which they advocate.

We have, for several generations now, attempted to force religious based morality out of the national meme. No nativity scene on the courthouse lawn, no crosses on government land, removing the Ten Commandments from a judge's courtroom, abortion on demand, rewarding laziness and graft, vilifying religion and religious leaders, redefining the very fundamental building blocks of modern society (family, marriage, etc).

So, after nearly 50 years of modern liberalism, brought about by the new left, we have a society in utter moral decline. As each year passes we see more and more acts of wanton violence, mass-murder, drug and alcohol addiction, crimes of every nature, lower graduation rates, higher out-of-wedlock births, higher divorce rates, millions of abortions, and so on. Yet the left never bares any responsibility of this total societal breakdown.

We've built the society the new left demanded and now wonder around asking "What's going wrong here?" Those of us on the right, though admittedly imperfect ourselves, consistently advocate for morality, decency and traditional values. Men are people who believe they can legislate solutions to all of society's ills, and create new laws accordingly. The arrogance on this position is almost too hard to imagine.

So here we are, a morally bankrupt nation, asking aloud why these terrible acts of violence are occurring, all while turning a blind eye to the answers. You can pass law after law in attempting to correct these ills, but until we, as a society, truly confront what's wrong here, we will never solve this problem.

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