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Article by Arthur Brewer
Government workers, rude and inefficient as most of them are, making twice what the rest of us make, oh, and with way better benefits and retirement security.

Oh, and we're paying for this shit service through fees, fines and taxes.

Food stamps, food stamps, food stamps. I notice now (can't help it actually) every time I go to the grocery store, there are EBT cards all around me, holy crap, I can't handle this.

Oh, and most of them try to hide them; they quickly slip them in and out of purses and wallets hoping nobody notices . . . whatever, I can see it, dipshit.

Knee-jerk liberals in the media and government going after gun owners every time there's a mass shooting, despite the fact that it's been proven time and again that gun restrictions DON'T REDUCE THESE VIOLENT CRIMES.

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes. You gotta be kidding me. These leftist liars insisting we have a revenue problem, when they spend like drunken sailors. Hell, they make drunken sailors look like pikers.

Oh, and the language, how Orwellian; we now call taxes "revenues", and call wasteful government spending "investments". Do you see how these statists use the terms of the free market to advance their ideas? Disgusting.

Speaking of free markets, our country hasn't been anywhere near "free" in our markets for over a century. The bigger government gets, the more they screw things up, and then they call for more government to fix the problem!

Everyone around me is living off the government in one form or another; direct employment, contract work, Social Security, Medicare, SCHIP, Medicaid, food stamps, government retirement, subsidized loans, subsidized higher ed, and on and on.

I feel like I'm the only dipshit trying to make it in the private sector. No help from government at all, just busting my ass, paying a lot in taxes, and asking for nothing in return, you know, they way people used to view their role in our society.

Making magazines that hold 30 rounds illegal? You gotta be kidding me. I tried to buy a couple yesterday, can't find em anywhere.

A completely stagnant economy, high unemployment, a bigger and more intrusive government, bloat everywhere, the Middle East imploding, oh, and we re-elected this guy

We've all just come to accept $3 plus per gallon gasoline? What's up with that? What's up with that?

Obamacare? Remember when Obama said his plan would LOWER healthcare premiums? All of us on the right laughed at that one, but who's laughing now?

Just the crushing realization that most people want to be taken care of, any way, any how, by any one . . . we're screwed.

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