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How to survive the binge drinking generation
Being an absolute degenerate waster is seen as a great achievement by most people, I know. Honestly, killing it with vodka has become somewhat of a sporting event, and frankly, since going to university I've been kicking it with the premier league. My newsfeed is constantly filled with pictures of pretty girls and their poor decisions (read: dry humping some random drunk dude when they should be getting with me) and 'omg I was soooo ruined last night' statuses occur more frequently than sexism in the Bible.

Drin... continue reading
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I don't want your dick and I never will
No I'm not confused. No you can't watch. And no, your massive shaft won't make me straight.

Syria vs. Syria?
Last week, the devastation of a chemical attack in Syria was covered in the news. The story was presented by news media as an attack of a rebel group ...

Lamar Odom: It's a slippery Slope
On the morning of August 30th, 2013, basketball player and more notably Kardashian husband, Lamar Odom was pulled over for reckless driving. After bei...

Think of Rachel
Rachel Jeantel doesn't care if you don't like her. She doesn't care if you think she is disrespectful. She doesn't care that she can't read cursive an...

Are We Too Connected?
Being in my late 20s, I feel like I am at least somewhat on the cutting edge of technology and social media. I use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Googl...

Has racism evolved?
Welcome to the age where you can read all your magazines on an iPad, where cars talk to you and tell you which way to go, where toilets flush themselv...

It's Sex, It's free, why not?
A new app that's taking the cell phone generation to a new level of loneliness.

America doesn't seem to be able to spell.

Rape in America
Why is the subject of rape divisive? It sure as hell shouldn't be. Rape is something that I am pretty sure is accepted as something that is morally an...
God vs. Mental Illness

As more and more details emerge about the Sandy Hook tragedy, I find myself finding it physically difficult to click on the articles. Everything I read affects me more and more, and sometimes I just don't know if I can handle it. As a parent, reading that your nightmare actually happened to someone else i... continue reading
An End to the Marijuana Prohibition?
With weed being legalized recreationally in two states (though one with many restrictions), will weed someday be federally legal?

The prohibition of alcohol proved a couple things. One, we love our booze. Two, if you try to take it away, we’ll get it our own way. Organized crime really got its start because of the a... continue reading
The Sick Truth Behind Washington's Attempt to Legalize Pot
Initiative 502 will actually make Cannabis more illegal by legalizing it. The driving policies especially could end up sending innocent people to jail.

On the ballot in Washington state is Initiative 502. To the misinformed stoners everywhere, this sounds like the angels singing. It will now be legal to have less th... continue reading
Why We Aren’t As Progressive As We Think We Are
When Barack Obama beat Hilary Clinton in the Democratic primary (much to my chagrin) before going on to win his first Presidential election, someone said something that has really stuck with me ever since. A very wise family member said, "Well, I guess the country was more prepared for a black man to lead than a woman.... continue reading
Will The World End In 2012?
This short piece was written two days before the election.

The election is now just days away. The world however, is predicted to end in just two months! If Romney were to win it might make me a believer. Honestly though, I really don't understand the Romney supporter's logic.

Everything he brings to the table i... continue reading

Scientology- Sponsored by the Federal Government
Make no mistake about it, Scientology is a huge, huge business.

What We (Should Have) Learned From Sandusky
“Mommy, that old man touched me in a weird place.” “That’s impossible! The football team he helps coach wins a lot!”

Governor Ladybinders Needs To Learn To Make His Own Dinner
So, women make $0.78 to every man’s dollar? And people are surprised by this?

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