I don't want your dick and I never will

Lesbian opinion

Article by Francesca Mac
As a female homosexual I spend an annoying amount of time saying no to men. No I'm not confused. No you can't watch. No your massive shaft won't make me straight. No, no, no, no, no. Heck, the only time I say 'yes' to men is when they ask me if I want to blaze and have an in-depth discussion about the greatest wonder of the modern age- Scarlett Johansson's arse.

From my experience, most men crave the 'no'-particularly dickish guys in bars. For them, there is no joy quite like turning a no into a yes. The days of saying yes to men are well and truly over for me. It's true; I used to say yes to men. Back in the day I'd allow boys to give me crap oral sex whilst I imagined their sisters naked. But that ship has sailed, sorry boys.

We are all taught to accept that men have 'needs', that a burning sexual desire is an integral part of being male. Sexuality is a beautiful and important part of being an adult but having to physically push gross men who I've rejected many times off of me is not ok. It's not ok and it never will be. I'm bored of having to repeatedly say 'no' to the same desperate, lynx wearing, marlboro light smoking wankers who approach me when I'm trying to relax with my friends. It seems that certain men wrongly believe that women's sole purpose is to please men. Fuck off, serious fuck off. It's not ok and I won't stand for it. Asking is fine; I'm all in favour of asking. But when someone gives you the 'no' stop. Just stop. Don't take it as an invitation to harass them. I was brought up in Essex, they teach us to fight from a young age. So skanky boys in bars beware-I will hurt you.

Going out on the pull is fun. But when someone rejects you, move on! I understand the excitement of a challenge, but lesbians don't want your dick. Any girl that says no actually means no. She wants you to leave, not to produce a shit argument as to why she should suck you off. I must sound like some washed-up man hating lesbian, but I'm not. I love men; it just annoys me so much when they try to 'convert' me. Since announcing my homosexuality to the world more men have pursued me. Men who previously had no interest in me at all text me through the night offering me their 'services'. Trust me boys, life is so much better when you leave the lezza's behind and get the consenting straight girls. You never know, you might actually get laid.

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