An End to the Marijuana Prohibition?

Marijuana Prohibition

Article by John Phillips
With weed being legalized recreationally in two states (though one with many restrictions), will weed someday be federally legal?

The prohibition of alcohol proved a couple things. One, we love our booze. Two, if you try to take it away, we’ll get it our own way. Organized crime really got its start because of the alcohol prohibition. Bootleggers, speak-easies, and mafia syndicates sprung up out of the ground and took over. It wasn’t long before the prohibition movement had no other choice, but to repeal it. The same thing is happening with weed! Cartels are waging bloody wars to get their product into the country. People looking to get high have to meet shady drug dealers in shady places. It’s almost the same thing as the alcohol situation. In a survey done by Time Magazine, 42% of the people surveyed had tried marijuana.

Our own president himself used to smoke weed. The acceptability of weed is increasing every day, but Colorado and Washington may have just put weed on the express train to national legality. The repeal of the alcohol prohibition started the same way. A few states began to make it legal within the state and before long the Feds legalized it. I believe that since these two states have opened the door, several states that had also been considering it might have just been pushed off the edge. Logically speaking I think it makes no sense to not have it legal. The revenue produced from taxes could give our economy the boost it needs.

A very large amount of jobs would be produced from the thousands of stores that could be opened. Crime would go down because the cartels would be rendered useless, at least as far as the marijuana trade is concerned. Millions of dollars being spent on the “War on Drugs” could be put to better use. I honestly can’t see a single reason not to legalize marijuana. One argument is that it’s the gateway drug and it could actually increase crime. In Portugal, drugs of all sorts were made legal and guess what happened? Their crime rate actually went down even with more serious drugs than weed being made legal. Will America see reason and end this prohibition?

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