Trump, desperate for fame, fakes Time magazine covers with his own picture

fake trump Time magazine covers

Article by Siim Einfeldt
(And this shit is not even made up)

The president from the movie Idiocracy who we call Trump, the man so desperate for fame and his cover on Time magazine, has made his own fake covers and put them on display at his company's golf clubs.

Time magazine has now asked the Trump Organization to remove the bad fake copies of the covers after it was found that at least four Trump-branded golf clubs had the fake covers on display with the headline "Donald Trump: The 'Apprentice' is a television smash!".

The covers aren't new, they are dated March 1, 2009, and according to Time magazine, they are fake, and have never been published by the magazine.

"I can confirm that this is not a real TIME cover," -- Kerri Chyka, spokeswoman for Time

Two of the covers were on display in the U.S. and the other two in Ireland and Scotland.

In July 2016 Trump said that "I think I was on the cover of Time magazine twice in my life and like six times in the last number of months. So you tell me which is more important, real estate or politics, OK? I have six for politics and I have two for real estate or whatever they put me on for."

As it stands, these are again Trump's alternative facts, or as most of us call them, lies. In reality he actually has been on the magazine's cover, but once, and back in January 1989.

Time magazine, in response, has published their own versions of the Time Trump covers.

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