What We (Should Have) Learned From Sandusky

Child molesters

Article by Meggie Pretorius
“Mommy, that old man touched me in a weird place.”
“That’s impossible! The football team he helps coach wins a lot!”

Everyone knows that the real reason that Sandusky was able to get away with what he did- for as long as he did- was because he was part of a storied football team. Penn State had a legend as a coach and churned out numerous football players to the NFL every year. He was in charge of a charity called “The Second Mile” that turned into the perfect breeding ground for victims. “There was no way he could be a predator; he helped children, he didn’t hurt them!” This mentality allowed him to get away with abusing boys for years, and we will never truly know the true effect his abuse will have on his victims. The only possible good to come out of this situation is to learn something from it- but most likely we won’t. Victim #1, Aaron Fisher, who started the chain of events that led to Sandusky’s demise, couldn’t even get his school principal to believe him. After being reminded that Jerry “had a heart of gold” and wouldn’t do those things, him and his mother were told to “Go home and think about it.” Most likely due a mother’s persistence, it was reported to Clinton Country Children and Youth Services, but the attorney general told them that they “needed more victims.” Oh, okay. More boys had to be abused for anyone to believe them. That makes total sense. Here I was thinking they didn’t do enough. I stand corrected. I’m sure the attorney general would’ve had the same response if it was this guy instead of Sandusky:

Take for example the case of (relatively) attractive Sarah Jones.

A (former) Cincinnati Ben-Gal cheerleader and full-time high school English teacher, she just accepted a plea deal to not serve any jail time for having a sexual relationship with her 17-year-old student. The 28-year-old teacher had no choice after prosecutors unearthed mountains of evidence in the form of text messages. Of course, people left and right are saying “The boy isn’t a victim! He’s a hero!” It didn’t help that the boy’s parents supported her, or that Jones and the victim are prancing around on the Today show maintaining they are in love and that he was never a victim. Not only was the boy under the age of consent, but she was also in a position of authority, which makes her more culpable in the eyes of the law. Legally he is a victim, as well he should be. Imagine if (when) they break up. Most likely, he will be devastated. Will he ever be able to have a normal relationship? Will he feel used and abused? Will he understand true, honest love after being part of a charade for so long? Fast forward fifteen years:

“Daddy, who was your first love?”

“My high school English teacher.”

“Where was your first date?”

“The backseat.”

“Can I see pictures?”

“Sure! I have a scrapbook. Here is her mug shot; here is us on the Today show; here she is in court admitting we were a couple…”

“Wow, daddy, how romantic!”

Or worse yet, say Jones and the boy do get married and have kids:

“Little Sarah, you are grounded from the internet! A 12-year-old shouldn’t be talking to a 30-year-old man like that!”

“Why not; you and mommy did it!”

“We were in love!”

“So are we! You don’t understand! We are going to be on the Today show someday defending our love, just like you were!”

Being a victim isn’t just about being physically forced into something. Mental issues are at hand as well, and emotional scars last far longer than physical ones. The boy didn’t think of consequences because teenagers don’t do that. The word “repercussions” doesn’t enter the vocabulary until they graduate from high school. This is why things like this relationship are illegal. Sarah Jones should serve time and register as a sex offender. The state did the right thing in never allowing her to teach again. But she is allowed to go to on the Today Show and talk about how hard it has been to “hide her true love?” She is profiting off her crime and it’s disgusting. To make matters ten times worse, the woman still has an active lawsuit against Nik Richie of TheDirty.com for defamation.

A post appeared on the website from a third party (not Richie) claiming she was promiscuous and had sexually transmitted diseases. She said it affected her job as a teacher. That is laughable. It was her banging a student that affected her job as a teacher, and how can she maintain she isn’t promiscuous now that she has been convicted of sexual misconduct? The fact that she is allowed to still bring this lawsuit upon Richie is indicative of what is wrong with this country. She shouldn’t even have the right to sue. She should be serving time, and after she is let out she should have to knock on neighbors’ doors for the rest of her life and tell them that she is a sexual predator. If she served time, most likely the boy would forget about her, seeing as teenagers have the attention span of a gnat. But that won’t happen now, because she’s pretty and the boy thinks he is in love.

They are going to parade around claiming that the world is against their love, and they are the modern-day Romeo and Juliet. Eventually, America will get tired of their story, and she will break up with him. Why? Because she is an attention whore with the maturity of a high-school student. That is why she slept with her student, that is why she brought the lawsuit upon Richie, and that is why she will most likely victimize a child again. She needs professional help, but she won’t get it now because she is being rewarded with fame for her actions. Make no mistake; Sandusky and Jones are both predators.

So, society, let me repeat, not every child molester is named Chester and drives a creepy van:

They could be your neighbor, your family member, or your local hero. Talk to your children. Anyone can be a predator. Not only talk, listen to your children. Very few children are going to lie about being molested. It is embarrassing, it is shameful, and no adolescent wants to talk about sex with their parent. Just make sure they know if their attacker was pretty or part of a popular college sports team, they are going to have to wait until their attacker victimizes more people to get justice. Because hey, we wouldn’t want to ruin anyone’s life, would we?

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