The Sick Truth Behind Washington's Attempt to Legalize Pot

Initiative 502

Article by John Phillips
Initiative 502 will actually make Cannabis more illegal by legalizing it. The driving policies especially could end up sending innocent people to jail.

On the ballot in Washington state is Initiative 502. To the misinformed stoners everywhere, this sounds like the angels singing. It will now be legal to have less than an ounce of ganja on hand! Too bad that the other parts of the I-502 that no one is talking about will have you in prison for years!

For any person under the age of 21, there will be a strict no driving rule. As we all know, Marijuana stays in your system for days or weeks. You aren’t high for a week from smoking a single joint, but yeah it’s still in your system. The tests that police will be administering, however, will still pick up weed longer after you have come down. With the no driving policy, you’re looking at jail for smoking a couple days ago.

Even if you are over 21, the same thing will happen to you if you’re over their limit. The same problem happens though because your level might be high, but it could have been from the fat blunt you rolled yesterday! One of the biggest issues I have, however, is that this law will increase the black market! It is going to be so strict and dangerous for people to open these businesses that it will probably result in very few ever getting opened. New businesses in this field are going to be required to submit their fingerprints, their address, and all their growing info to the FBI.

Weed is illegal federally, yet they want them to send their info to a Federal agency. Do you see the issue with this picture? As well as that, it will still be illegal to grow pot. So basically this law makes it legal to have pot, but you have to go get it illegally. Instead of reducing crime rate as intended, there most likely will be even more drug dealers to compensate with all the new people who can legally smoke. This law is self-contradicting and really makes no sense. The Federal courts will take this law down so fast it will make your head spin. It truly is a waste of legislative time and perhaps it would have been better spent working on the economy or some other pressing issue.

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