Will The World End In 2012?

Wnd of the world 2012

Article by John Phillips
This short piece was written two days before the election.

The election is now just days away. The world however, is predicted to end in just two months! If Romney were to win it might make me a believer. Honestly though, I really don't understand the Romney supporter's logic.

Everything he brings to the table is either incorrect or simply not true. For God's sake one of the guy's top advisers in a nutshell said, "facts, are you fucking kidding me!?" He claims his budget works and has been checked by five credible sources. One of these "sources" is an adviser of Romney, bias much? I think yes. One or two others are from conservative groups and the remaining ones are Wall Street Journal members. All of these sources, however, come to different conclusions and have different criticisms about the plan.

Basically the plan honestly doesn't add up. The lies and filth spread by Faux News has been unbearable to say the least. After Biden made Ryan look like an idiot in front of the nation, Fox News had an "expert" come on the show and try to discredit the performance by saying Biden was drunk and or psychotic! The audacity of these people is unfucking-believeable. I'm not going to advocate for one candidate or the other based on parties or whatever else, but any person who uses their ballot to vote for him would be better served using it for ass-paper. If Romney were to win, I believe the Mayans are right in their prediction.

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