Latino is the New Black

Latino vote obama

Article by Arthur Brewer
The results are in, and to no ones surprise, Latino’s overwhelmingly voted to put Barack Obama back into office for another four years. While nobody’s really shocked by this, when you take a step back and look at the average Latino voter, it really doesn’t make sense.

Here’s what has been the typical position amongst Latinos (in general) in America; overwhelmingly Christian (and mostly Catholic), hard-working and self-reliant, very family oriented, opposed to illegal immigration and pro-life. They sound like your textbook conservative, but they consistently vote Democrat. What’s happening here?

As Latinos surpassed African-Americans in the US as the largest minority group (16% of the total population), fostering their vote has become crucial to politicians. Considering the general beliefs of the Latino culture, you’d think they’d be prime candidates for the Republican Party, but they’re breaking Democrat in big numbers.

The latest presidential election shows Latinos voting in favor of the Democrat 71% to 27%. With 93% of African-Americans voting with the left, this delivered a crushing defeat for Republicans. While most pundits believe this occurred because of the Republican’s positions on immigration, it’s actually due to Latino’s views on the role of government.

This voting demographic has become more and more reliant on government programs, and therefore will typically vote to keep that support coming. Over the last 10 years, while white and African-American welfare rates have held steady, the participation rate amongst Hispanics has grown steadily.

Others are saying that Republicans should just cave on immigration in an attempt to rescue the flagging Latino vote, but that will just exacerbate the problem. In both liberalizing our immigration policy and granting amnesty to those already here, the Republicans will just add to the number of reliable Democrat voters. How this will help get conservatives elected I just don’t understand.

I’ll grant you that the American left is very smart (the left in general actually). By splintering America into disparate groups (homosexuals, minorities, women, single mothers, the poor, etc), effectively victimizing them, and then pulling them all together to vote for relief, they’ve found the formula to win elections and grow the state.

While I won’t say all is lost for the right, it certainly doesn’t look good. This is essentially the path Europe took over the last several generations, and look where that got them. Europe is awash in welfare programs, high taxes, redistribution and an ever expanding state, oh, and they’re also in big trouble. When a majority of your citizens feel “entitled” to other people’s money, and they know the state is the mechanism that delivers the goods, freedom and liberty are lost forever.

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