Obama commutes Chelsea Manning's sentence

Obama commutes Chelsea Manning

While some might say 'too little, too late', Obama has commuted the remaining prison sentence of Chelsea Manning, or to be exact, all but four months of the remaining 28-year sentence.

Chelsea Manning was convicted in 2010 and sentenced to 35 years in jail for leaking documents relating to American military and diplomatic activities across the world. The 35-year sentence is the longest publishment imposed for a leak conviction in the United States.

For Manning, a transgender woman incarcerated at the men's military prison Fort Leavenworth, who tried to kill herself twice last year, the future finally looks bright.

Over the term of his presidency, Obama administration has prosecuted more people charged with leaking information than all the previous presidencies combined. During his term there have been 10 such cases.

Together with Manning, Obama also pardoned James E. Cartwright, who pleaded guilty to lying about his conversations with reporters.

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