Top 5 Construction Technology Trends for 2019

Top 5 Construction Technology Trends for 2019

In the construction industry, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the latest construction trends available in the market. Only through this, you'll be able to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are the top 5 construction technology trends for 2019.

1. Drones

Ever since its conception, drones are becoming more and more advanced than before. They are being used in various industries, and the construction industry is no exception to this. For the past few years, it continues to provide a positive impact. With that, we can expect this technological innovation to keep on growing.

They are embedded with sensors and cameras capable of accessing remote location, gather data, and carry out safety inspections. Not just that, they are also proven to be very useful in capturing project progress and much more. For surveyors, they use drones to come up with 3D mapping images that can be used for assessment later on.

2. The Use of Construction Management Software

Similar to drones, construction management software is another trend that seems to be very promising. It's one of those technological innovations that continue to improve, and grow.

Furthermore, despite that it used to cost a lot, it is becoming more and more affordable as it can now be bundled with other software used for estimating and bidding, change orders, project management, scheduling, human resources, billing, and accounting.

By 2019, we can expect that more and more companies will use this affordable integrated software solution.

3. Modular and Prefabricated Buildings

2019 is the year where prefabricated buildings will become more and more popular as it's taking the construction industry by storm. In a residential building, it has been proven that modular construction has the ability to offering a number of benefits to those who are looking for a place that's also environmentally friendly.

What's remarkable about these modular homes is the fact that they actually offer a faster way to develop residential areas. Also, due to the fact that the components are made in factory environments, you wouldn't have to worry about weather delays at all. That also means there would be less wastage in terms of materials used, and the assembly process will also be faster.

4. Green Design and Construction Technology

In the construction industry, there's a trend that focuses on going green with hopes that it's actually possible to save the environment while enjoying what technology has to offer. Experts believe that there will be a remarkable increase in the utilization of green designing, especially once it becomes LEED-certified.

It's a trend that started a few years ago and would condition to rise in 2019. Basically, the main goal of green design and construction is to come up with resource-efficient yet environmentally responsible construction projects. Included in this are various aspects of development, such as design, planning, demolition, and cleanup.

For those who are not aware, around 20% of global emissions are in the construction industry. That's why green building practices are highly advised as it could be very useful later on in a sense that it would protect the environment, as well as ensure the safety of everyone.

As we talk about green technology, sustainability is an integral part of it. This could be defined as a broader policy of utilizing methods and business models that could change the world in a better place. Although green building practices concentrate on reducing the carbon footprint of a construction project, it's also worth noting that sustainability has broader goals.

5. BIM

A lot of experts highly believe that there's no single tool that could match the efficiency BIM can offer. For those who are not entirely familiar with what BIM is, it's a technique of creating computer representations of roads, buildings, and utilities. It's a technological innovation used by engineers and architect to predict job costs, and be able to show how building materials and structures would hold up after quite a time.

For that reason, this is starting to become one of the main requirements of a construction project. Building owners can also utilize BIM as a way to improve maintenance schedules and see to it that everything is in place-- such as if a traffic barrier was strategically positioned.

BIM offers a number of benefits. It doesn't only increase collaboration, but it also reduces construction costs and ensures a faster building process where safety incidents become rare. Soon enough, every construction industry would be able to enjoy such a benefit.

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