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David Cameron

"Public calls! We've got the public on our side! Out of my way, guy with public opinion coming through!"

This is a definite-not-lie quote from UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who has the public on his side. That's very important - as it makes what he's doing the right thing. Apparently.

In this context Mr Cameron is referring to public opinion on holding a referendum on Britain's membership in the European Union. The promise is that if Cameron wins the next UK general election, his party will offer a straight choice between Britain staying with or leaving Europe.

Most people reading this article will be doing so from within mainland USA. If you are, and if you are not following this story all that clearly, then the first reaction you'll have will likely be a measured 'sounds fair'. Britain should decide its own future, after all.

Britain suffers that with Europe. Europe isn't the problem; the number of people in Britain who say they know what other people think about Europe is.
Only, the same people reading this article will have encountered much more heated arguments and with many stupid people covering them. Constitutional amendments on gunning down neighbours, deciding who to marry and who should be legally out of bounds, letting people die without medical coverage: a lot of idiots have a lot of opinions grounded in lies and misinformation; their opinions are simply wrong.

Britain suffers that with Europe. Europe isn't the problem; the number of people in Britain who say they know what other people think about Europe is. Idiots control the story by saying that the public is on their side. Xenophobic papers applaud at Cameron when he tells France to stop drinking wine and Germany to stop wearing Lederhosen - Britain is going to leave unless you sort yourself out Europe!

he call for a referendum needs a stronger argument. Gun control, gay rights, religious influence, healthcare, climate and the economy are all important issues that require more than public opinion. They require people who know what they're talking about. As in Britain, the public may be told by xenophobic papers that their popularity is approximately 3000%, but they aren’t told that just leaving a continent-wide alliance will commit cultural and economic suicide.

In short, we’re all idiots.

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